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    Specac launched The Arrow™ for use with the Quest family of ATR.

Specac Analytics - The New World of the Lab

May 06 2021

If you look at the cover of this guide, you’ll see that Specac is celebrating its 50th birthday during this year. Throughout its time, the company has provided both sample preparation and sample analysis accessories, principally for the mid-infrared and XRF spectroscopy markets. 

The applications have been very diverse, and customers have come to trust the reliability and low maintenance costs of the products they’ve bought. Some of our products feel as though they have been around for ever, and many readers will have used our 15 Ton Manual press or our signature Golden Gate ATR. However, innovation has been our hallmark, and recent years have seen the launch of the Quest ATR, the leading ATR on the market, as well as the Atlas Autotouch press and the Atmos Gas Cell.

The ways of working in labs are changing dramatically, and the need for speed is something we have adapted to. As the company looks at the journey of its next 50 years, it’s studied the latest developments in applications, and there is no doubt that FTIR in particular, and molecular spectroscopy more generally has begun to be used much more widely in life-science applications. We believe we have the skill sets to partner with companies to provide life-changing technology solutions.

There’s recently been a burgeoning use of FTIR in the application areas of clinical/bio-medical diagnostics, microbiology, forensics, pharma, food & beverage, environmental testing, chemometrics and algorithms, and we recognise that software and diagnostic solutions require a hardware platform. That’s where we can come in. We have strong relationships with all of the instrument manufacturers, and we can provide you with a bespoke accessory for your needs that will work with any instrument. We won’t, however, limit our options to FTIR. We are happy to work alongside you in finding solutions using other spectroscopic measurement techniques.

From the smallest of university and commercial start-ups to the largest of multinationals, we are looking to partner with you to find a solution for your application. 

We recently launched The Arrow™ for use with the Quest family of ATR. It’s ideal for use with all liquid samples. If you already have a Quest, you don’t need to buy a new, it has its own, interchangeable puck. It’s the first value for money, consumable ATR that can be permanently stored, and can handle the most toxic and difficult to clean samples. The Arrow means Zero Cleaning. Zero Risk. Zero Hassle, and we’re also working on an auto-sampler accessory, which means that The Arrow can will work for high throughput applications.

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