• Unprecedented Upgrade for Manual Whole Slide Scanning Announced

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Unprecedented Upgrade for Manual Whole Slide Scanning Announced

Oct 16 2020

Natural sciences require documentation and a fast exchange of image data. This is best visible in medical environments like pathology. Since years, the daily workflow of a time-consuming examination and risky handling of delicate tissue sections on glass slides became obsolete. No more need to send slides to a remote expert for a second opinion. Instead, digital images of large tissue sections are created by whole slide scanners and are handled through cloud computing.

In small labs or universities smaller solutions are required. Affordable 1-slide scanners (MoticEasyScan One) as a desktop solution are ready to create an image database ready to be integrated in cloud-based systems for consultation, case-sharing and review of digital slides. In Corona times, remote learning to compensate the lack of traditional classroom teaching is facilitated by local solutions.

More options for an efficient and affordable entry into a level of digital imaging: The Motic Easystich Pro is an easy-to-use hardware/software package for any kind of large area sample from biology, medicine or even industry.

The upgrade of a manual Trinocular microscope already in your use is easy. The ‘digital basis’ of Easystitch Pro is a professional s-CMOS camera such as the Moticam Pro S5 Lite. A large 2/3” sensor with 5MP resolution ensures a fast image acquisition and high-quality images no matter which light situation you face. It is that simple: Just mount a Moticam Pro S5 Lite onto your Panthera CC microscope, adjust it for a precise X/Y merging of the single images, move the stage manually and let the software do the seamless stitching.

The Easystich Pro is halfway to a one-button solution for whole slide scanning. It is an easy way to upgrade your microscope, share image data, discuss with an expert and be part of a cloud community for international scientific communication.

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