• Insights from Prominent Scientists on Advancements in 3D Organoid Culture Research
    Dr Meritxell Huch and Dr Hynda Kleinman.
  • Advanced tools for organoid growth, harvesting and storage.

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Insights from Prominent Scientists on Advancements in 3D Organoid Culture Research

Mar 09 2023

To commemorate International Women’s Day on 8th March, as well as World Organoid Research Day on 22nd March, AMSBIO conducted interviews with two remarkable women in the 3D Cell Culture and Organoid field. Dr Hynda Kleinman, a co-inventor of Matrigel, and Dr Meritxell Huch, a Director at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG), were the two experts interviewed.

During this insightful interview, the experts discussed a range of topics such as their journey into 3D organoid culture research, their experiences in the field and how it has evolved, the obstacles they faced as female researchers, their present research interests, and valuable advice for aspiring women scientists.

Asked ‘If there’s one thing you would like other scientists to understand about your area of research’, Dr Kleinman said: “Organoids have huge potential for studying genes, factors, or drugs for diagnostics and therapeutics as well as for tissue engineering / repair / regeneration either as delivery systems or tissue replacement. Try anything!”

When asked about her current research in the organoid space, Dr Huch answered “What I love is looking through the microscope and seeing these amazing multicellular structures form and develop. I still find it fascinating that we can take a piece of tissue and expand it for months in a dish while still retaining its identity. This really broke the long-held belief that primary epithelial cells could not be expanded.”

Organoids are 3D cell cultures that mimic the structure and function of organs, achieved by differentiating stem cells or organ progenitors. These structures have attracted significant research attention due to their ability to replicate organ function in vitro. AMSBIO recognizes the growing interest in organoid research and offers a range of products to support scientists in developing models for tissue morphogenesis and organogenesis, conducting studies on tumours, diseases, and infections, drug testing, toxicity screening, and personalised and regenerative medicine.

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