• Lauda Ultracool Celebrates 50th Anniversary in Spain
    (r-l) Executive Director Dr Gunther Wobser together with his father Dr Gerhard Wobser congratulated the former founder of Lauda Ultracool (formerly Chaumeca Iberica), Xavier Escudé Gonzalez and his son Xavier Escudé Blasi in Terrassa, Spain.

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Lauda Ultracool Celebrates 50th Anniversary in Spain

Oct 08 2018

Lauda held a festive gala evening to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its Spanish foreign subsidiary Lauda Ultracool. Specialising in the production of industrial circulation chillers, the company has been a member of the Lauda Group since the start of 2011. Founded on 24 September 1968 in Terrassa, Spain under the name Chaumeca Iberica, SA, the company can look back on an eventful history.

In the early years, Chaumeca Iberica manufactured chillers, vessels and outflows for compressed-air conditioning systems but over the years the company’s product portfolio was extended to include water and air chillers as well as ceramic filters. With the launch of a specially developed absorption dryer, Chaumeca Iberica became an important provider of compressed-air conditioning products during these years. The end of the 1970s and the development of refrigeration dryers marked the era of industrial cooling for the company. Ten years later, Chaumeca Iberica was considered one of the leading Spanish brands in the compressed-air sector.

The chillers from the Chaumeca Iberica product portfolio were further developed over the years and their economic importance continued to increase. In 1993, the company began to manufacture water-cooled constant temperature equipment in a range of 22 different models. In 1999, the German company Ultrafilter GmbH took over Chaumeca Iberica SA which then became Ultrafilter SA and a member of the Ultrafilter Group. After the takeover, the company focused entirely on the development and manufacture of circulation chillers in Terrassa. The CRIA-N brand then became Ultracool. At this point in time, the Spanish company was already selling its products worldwide.

In 2003 the company was taken over a second time by Donaldson Filtration Solutions. Under the direction of Donaldson, the Terrassa-based company expanded the Ultracool line and following a series of modernisation measures, production capacity had increased to 2,000 units per year. In 2010 the Donaldson Group restructured its European operations and concentrated on the manufacture of industrial filters, which made up its core business. The new buyer was Lauda Dr R Wobser and consequently the Spanish subsidiary Lauda Ultracool was born. Within a very short time, the Spanish employees became established members of the Lauda family and the circulation chillers were a valuable addition to the Lauda temperature control portfolio. Lauda presented the most recent development in the Ultracool line to the public for the first time at this year’s ACHEMA exhibition. It includes completely new, efficient models that can establish an innovative cloud connection to the local control and monitoring system.

At the end of September 2018, the 50th anniversary of Lauda Ultracool was fittingly celebrated at the site of the Spanish subsidiary. The entire international Lauda Group management team attended the gala evening, including Executive Director Dr Gunther Wobser and his father Dr Gerhard Wobser as well as Managing Directors Dr Marc Stricker and Dr Mario Englert from company headquarters. The former founder of Chaumeca Iberica, Xavier Escudé Gonzalez, the mayor of Terrassa, Alfredo Vega López, and the president of the employer’s association, Antoni Abad were also among the guests. During his speech, Dr Gunther Wobser recounted the intensive impressions that the acquisition of Lauda Ultracool had made during the economic crisis that was happening at the time. Impressed by the cleverly designed constant temperature equipment, the modern production plants and the team of staff, he finally signed the contracts for the takeover on 21 January 2011.

“Lauda Ultracool is an impressive success story, especially when you consider that Spain was entrenched in a crippling economic crisis at the time,” explained Dr Gunther Wobser. “Today, Lauda Ultracool is our largest overseas subsidiary and a profitable company with a significant, steady turnover. It is also closely integrated in the international Lauda family,“ he added.

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