• HPLC and LCMS Under One Roof


HPLC and LCMS Under One Roof

Dec 09 2010

Shimadzu has introduced its new LabSolutions 5 chromatography software. It unites the complete HPLC family as well as the LCMS-2020 under one roof. The brand-new LC- 30A Nexera UHPLC system has also been integrated within the menus and program sequence of the new software.

The software’s general design and the startup window have been modified. A network-oriented flexible display replaces the previous system. In future versions of the software, it will be possible to select and display only the instruments of interest.

The LCMS-2020 and the complete HPLC family of instruments is now under one roof. At the same time, downward compatibility for previous HPLC systems has been guaranteed. Systems that are no longer actively marketed can be fully integrated.

System administration is now a separate menu item. In addition to settings for data storage, backup and retrieval, it is possible to define parameters in the displays, for instance the number of decimal digits.

In addition to the existing HPLC instrument control functions, complete control of the LC-30A Nexera has been implemented into the software. In this way, overlapping injection and pretreatment autosampler functions are just as accessible as the application of various rinsing fluids.

The data acquisition window is now much more user-friendly. When implementing multiple detectors, users can choose to display only the signals of a specific detector, or all detector signals – the tab structure enables straightforward switching between detectors.

For post-processing of acquired data, advanced options are available. In the reanalysis (post-run) window, the data analysis parameters are now shown under tabs in the standard window, precluding the use of the right mouse button and submenus.

In addition to the functions described, other program components, such as the report, have been modified to simplify operation of the software as well as the associated hardware.

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