• Going Green in the Lab: Sustainable Products for Life Science Research
    Green life science products for a more sustainable lab.

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Going Green in the Lab: Sustainable Products for Life Science Research

Apr 26 2023

In a recent blog post, AMSBIO showcased its range of ‘green products’ aimed at life science researchers who seek to uphold scientific standards while reducing their lab's ecological footprint.

Despite being notorious for their high energy consumption and waste production, life science laboratories are increasingly recognising the importance of sustainability. As a result, many labs are now adopting eco-friendly practices and products as a top priority.

AMSBIO's product line is expanding to include collagenase, exosome standards, recombinant proteins, and RNA isolation kits, all of which come in lyophilised or freeze-dried formats. By eliminating the need for dry ice during transportation, these products also eliminate the need for low-temperature storage, which can help reduce electricity consumption in the lab.

In response to the growing trend towards reducing the use of animal-derived components in research, AMSBIO offers a range of animal-free alternatives in its cell culture media, extracellular matrices, chondroitinase, and collagenase product lines..

AMSBIO not only offers sustainable products but also prioritises eco-friendly packaging, using cardboard instead of polystyrene whenever possible, to facilitate recycling. Moreover, AMSBIO provides helpful tips categorised under ‘reduce, reuse, recycle, and re-think’, to assist laboratories in enhancing their sustainability efforts, regardless of whether they use AMSBIO products or not.

Read the blog in full.

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