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Ultra-high sensitivity fluorescence spectrophotometer

Apr 18 2019

Hitachi’s F-7100 fluorescence spectrophotometer, available from Lambda Advanced Technology, delivers exceptional sensitivity (S/N 1200 or higher (RMS); S/N 360 (Peak to Peak)) making it ideal for research and routine applications in a wide range of fields. These include industrial materials such as LEDs and solar-cell materials, environmental science, life sciences, food inspection, and and biotechnology research and development. The versatile F-7100 combines the highest sensitivity in its class with fast scanning speeds (up to 60,000 nm/min). The optimised optical system features an ultra-bright, long lifetime (2500 hour) Xenon lamp and provides:

  • Increased excitation luminance
  • Improved emission detection sensitivity
  • Optimised signal processing

With a wide dynamic range of 6 or more orders of magnitude, low or high fluorescence intensities can be measured under the same conditions. The horizontal beam geometry allows measurements to be made with a sample as small as 0.6 mL, even using a 10 mm rectangular cell. Automatic shutter control minimises sample damage by ensuring that light only reaches the sample during measurements.

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Comprehensive measurement capabilities

The F-7100 offers a wide range of measurements including 3D fluorescence, wavelength scans, time scans and phosphorescence. A wide range of accessories enable many other measurements to be made including:

  • Quantum yield of powders
  • Spectral correction
  • Emission spectra at cryogenic temperatures
  • DNA measurements from microplates
  • Intracellular calcium ions
  • Fluorescence polarisation
  • Fluorescence fingerprints

The instrument’s popular ‘FL Solutions’ software now includes several new features to improve the instrument’s ease-of-use for routine analyses. These include a fluorescent-intensity standardisation feature that corrects for day-to-day variations or instrumental discrepancies in fluorescent intensity, and enhanced report generation with comprehensive file output of three-dimensional measurement data to support fluorescent fingerprint analysis.

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