• Portable GC gives faster analysis than traditional GC systems

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Portable GC gives faster analysis than traditional GC systems

Feb 20 2020

The Inficon Micro GC Fusion gas analysers from Lambda Advanced Technology provide analysis times of 1-3 minutes compared to 15 - 30 minutes for a traditional GC. The system can measure fixed gases, C1 to C12 hydrocarbons and olefins, VOCs, light oxygenates, sulphur compounds and other gases from ppm to % age concentrations.

These versatile, compact and portable analysers are 80 – 90% smaller in size than traditional GCs and have applications in natural gas, refinery gas, landfill gas, dissolved gas, fixed gas, catalyst research, alternative energy, sulphur analysis and mud logging. They can be used either in fixed locations in a laboratory or pilot plant, or can be easily transported for applications in the field. 

The simple front panel touch display provides instrument control, analysis results and status updates. This allows non-specialist operators to run analyses using pre-defined methods, while easy-to-use, licence-free, web browser-based software can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or computer via Wifi for data analysis and instrument set-up.   

Rapid throughput times are made possible by parallel analysis of the sample and fast temperature ramping. The modular GC architecture can accommodate up to four independently programmable GC modules in a single unit. Each module is optimised to operate at maximum speed Fast temperature ramping gives short runtimes with sharp peaks, allowing more compounds to be identified in a single run. In addition, temperature programming improves sensitivity with sharper and intensified peaks.

Samples can be introduced in a variety of ways for added versatility. The internal sample handling configuration is designed for maximum measurement accuracy and repeatability. An integrated sample conditioner provides programmable purging, sample pressure and temperature regulation for good operating performance in difficult operating conditions.

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