• Outstanding atomic absorption sensitivity and detection limits from ZA3000

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Outstanding atomic absorption sensitivity and detection limits from ZA3000

Feb 20 2020

The Hitachi ZA3000 Series of Polarized Zeeman Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers from Lambda Advanced Technology deliver exceptional sensitivity and detection limits for a wide range of samples. The real-time dual detector polarised Zeeman background subtraction method virtually eliminates background signal contributions and gives extremely stable baselines with low background noise, so there is no need for high power EDL lamps, whatever the background matrix.

With an easy to use GUI, programmable analysis methods, customizable reports and a host of accessories available, the ZA3000 Series is available in three different models. These are the ZA330 flame only version, ZA3700 graphite furnace only version and the ZA3000 flame/furnace tandem version. All models provide a host of features to make high quality analysis quick and easy:

 ZA3300 Flame version

  • Automatic setting of analytical conditions
  • ‘Analysis assist’ function supports measurement progress through screen messages and voice guidance
  • Real time QC allows QC check to be carried out in parallel with measurement for improved measurement accuracy
  • Optional autosampler for up to 80 samples

ZA3700 Graphite furnace version

  • Twin injection technology improves sample heating uniformity for improved sensitivity
  • Cuvette cleaning function to prevent sample carry over
  • Integrated high performance autosampler with fast dispensing to improve sample throughput
  • Automatic monitoring for ‘sample bumping’ during the drying process allows exclusion of erroneous results

ZA3000 Tandem version

  • Combines capabilities of flame and graphite furnace versions
  • Software switching between flame analysis and graphite furnace analysis
  • No optical axis adjustment needed between methods
  • Simply select flame or graphite furnace analysis according to the sample volume and the concentration

The status of all models can easily be checked using the built-in diagnosis function. The precision, accuracy, and stability of the instruments can be readily verified since the wavelength accuracy, baseline stability, sensitivity, and reproducibility are checked automatically. Download the ZA3000 brochure.

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