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Take Tube Volume Detection to the Next Level

Apr 15 2008

TTP LabTech has announced comCHECK, a new solution for non-invasive volume detection for microtubes. With comCHECK, researchers can quickly ascertain the volume of sample within a tube with an accuracy of 10 microlitres and easily identify which sample tubes contain a liquid below an acceptable threshold volume.
comCHECK eliminates the issues with invasive level sensing, cap removal and centrifugation by offering a cost-effective, non-invasive
solution that measures each tube in a full or partial rack. It can be used with 96 tube racks from all major suppliers and can operate
stand-alone or be easily integrated into a laboratory system using the automation interface.
Non-invasive detection without cap removal means that precious samples are not exposed to the atmosphere, or to contamination by level sensing probes. Many compound management systems do not currently include volume checking capabilities and comCHECK is an important development as it offers liquid level tracking of individual sample microtubes.
comCHECK’s capabilities include the ability to test frozen tubes and to automatically run a threshold test against a preset volume. Any
tubes identified with volume levels below the threshold are automatically removed and dispensed to a holding container. This
eliminates tubes with little or no volume remaining but still allows the user do a visual check to confirm that these are ready for disposal. "Using a combination of both engineering and science allows TTP LabTech to develop unique solutions," said Jas Sanghera, TTP LabTech’s Commercial Director. He continued, "comCHECK is another example of how TTP LabTech work in partnership with existing customers
to solve problems using workflow-driven solutions that will increase productivity".

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