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Compact benchtop equipment that will speed-up your workflows

Nov 17 2021

In today's busy labs, scientists need tools that support productivity and help deliver great results. Starlab has a range of laboratory equipment that will aid you across a variety of laboratory applications. Starlab instruments are designed to be robust, reliable, easy to use and easy to maintain, so you can stay focused on what matters. From mixers and vortexes to shakers and stirrers and more, there’s a wide range to discover. Designed for repeated daily use, all Starlab equipment provides user convenience, great features, and a small footprint; products, such as the thermomixer Mixer HC, the Microcentrifuge 24 and the GuardOne® Workstations are ideal for use in labs where every inch of space is crucial.

Mixer HC: one small device, so many uses.

Heat or cool, as you mix! Starlab’s Mixer HC is a smart bit of kit that does the work of several other pieces of equipment in the lab such as a vortex, shaker, heating plate and more, but all on its own! Easy to use and program, the intuitive menu allows you to set multi-step heating and mixing operations, and includes an integrated timer for each step of your process. The Mixer HC can heat your samples up to 99°C, or cool them to 13°C below room temperature while mixing with the speed range from 300 rpm to 1500 rpm (depending on the block use). Ideal for use when carrying out different laboratory incubations and steps, the wide range of thermoblocks allows you to use different tubes and plates on one machine. This compact, space-saving unit will not only speed up your laboratory tasks but will also free up valuable bench space. You will wonder how you ever managed without one!

Microcentrifuge 24: Small space, big results!

Starlab’s Microcentrifuge 24 is ideal for anyone looking for a small, versatile and personal unit for their molecular biology applications. With a maximum relative centrifugal force of 21,300 x g, the Microcentrifuge 24 can be used with all standard protocols and DNA/RNA kits on the market. The 24-place aerosol-tight rotor accepts 1.5/2.0 ml tubes, and optional adapters extend the rotor’s capacity for use with 0.2 - 0.6 ml tubes. For users focused on PCR applications, a dedicated PCR rotor for 32 x PCR tubes or 4 x PCR strips is available too. Rotor exchange is quick and easy and both rotors are fully autoclavable. You will love the convenient features such as one-touch short spin button, the automatic lid-opening at the end of the run and the easy to clean keypad, but best of all, we think you will love how quiet it is!

GuardOne® Workstation: Work without cross-contamination.

Starlab GuardOne® workstations provide the ideal workspace for sensitive and critical applications requiring a clean environment or protection from potential contamination by bacteria, DNA or RNA. GuardOne® minimises cross-contamination risk and protects your valuable samples and reagents, helping to prevent both the time and cost involved in having to duplicate contaminated work. Set the UV lamp timer to decontaminate the workspace before you start, or whenever needed. The two-stage filter system on the Laminar Flow models creates an ISO 5 cleanroom working environment, whilst the adjustable airflow provides the perfect environment for even your most sensitive samples. Every aspect of the GuardOne® has been designed for user convenience. All functions are controlled via the intuitive and easy to use touchscreen featuring an at-a-glance colour-coded workstation status indicator. This, combined with the real-time measurement of the airflow and the constant lifespan monitoring of the UV lamp and HEPA filters (Laminar Flow models only) provides further confidence that your samples are safe. Oh, and there’s a convenient built-in lab timer too – we thought of everything!

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