• Revolutionary Device for Effective, Long-lasting Prevention of Waterborne Contamination in Introduced

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Revolutionary Device for Effective, Long-lasting Prevention of Waterborne Contamination in Introduced

Aug 28 2007

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., has introduced its new Thermo Scientific AquaTec? water preservation cell, for the effective prevention of waterborne contamination in CO2 incubators and water baths. Designed to provide worry-free sample incubation and cell culture, the AquaTec provides up to six months of protection from more than 600 types of bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi. The Thermo Scientific AquaTec enables the prevention of microbes from water without the use of harsh chemicals, making it safe to handle and requiring no special disposal protocols. The AquaTec is designed and tested for all types of laboratory water and is suitable for use in equipment from any manufacturer.

The Thermo Scientific AquaTec is applicable across a broad range of biological research temperature environments. As a cost-effective tool, just one three-inch AquaTec cell placed into the water reservoir provides long-lasting disinfection without the need for mixing or measuring potentially hazardous materials. Self regulation maintains the correct level of anti-microbial concentration regardless of water level, negating the need for constant monitoring and testing, or equipment dismantling, and saving valuable research time. Easy to use, the AquaTec has optional suction cups for placement and fixation in the water bath or incubator reservoir, and a convenient peel-off reminder calendar that indicates when replacement is recommended.

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