• Fast, easy measurement of oil and polymer-based coatings on fibres and fabrics

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

Fast, easy measurement of oil and polymer-based coatings on fibres and fabrics

Dec 01 2021

Time domain NMR (TD-NMR) is an established method in the synthetic fibre industry for the measurement of oil-based coatings used to lubricate and protect as well as enhance the product properties. TD-NMR replaces the traditional solvent extraction method which is laborious and uses harmful chemicals; TD-NMR is also more reproducible which is important for measurement of very low concentrations (< 0.3%) or oil removal required for medical fabrics and prior to applying other coatings including those described below.

Elastomeric coatings

TD-NMR can also distinguish and measure polymer coatings such as latex used as a protective layer or to produce a rigid form on a fibre or fabric. It is also used to bind fibres together or attach to other materials, for example to promote better adherence of cord used in rubber tyres.

Fluorinated coatings

TD-NMR selectively measures fluorine in a variety of materials allowing measurement of fluorinated polymers such as Teflon used for their fire retardance, protection and ease of cleaning.

Common to all these measurements is a hard or semi-crystalline substrate, thus they may be used for technical textiles or similar materials. It is not possible to measure these coatings on materials that distort the magnetic field or interfere with the radio frequency radiation, for example metals or ferromagnetic materials.

To read more about the measurement of oil- and polymer-based coatings, visit our website.

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