• ?Back-to-School? Promotions - a Triplet of Offers on Oligo Synthesis Products

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?Back-to-School? Promotions - a Triplet of Offers on Oligo Synthesis Products

Sep 21 2007

3Prime has announced an exciting ?Back-to-school' promotion on three of its extensive product ranges. Users will receive discounts of up to 60% on all orders of: Prime Performance CPG; Retro Columns and Molecular Traps. The promotion runs until 1st November 2007.

Prime Performance CPG
3Prime's controlled porosity glass is specifically intended for oligo synthesis applications and has been optimized for pore diameter, pore volume, specific surface area, bulk density and ligand distribution. 3Prime has also perfected end-capping techniques to minimize n-x impurities by blocking potentially active side-sites.

Designed by Integrated DNA Technologies (Coralville, IA), these columns are perfect for ABI 39x, Milligen and Expedite synthesizers, bringing your yield and purity to a higher level. Their performance has been proven in daily high-volume production over millions of syntheses. They are available in three sizes: 50 nanomole, 200 nanomole and 1 micromole

Molecular Traps
Molecular Traps are highly activated molecular sieve packets designed to provide and maintain very low water levels in solvents and solutions. Optimized for oligonucleotide synthesis, 3Prime's Molecular Traps are a convenient, dust and lint free, way of adding molecular sieves to many solvents and organic solutions. They can generally be used in any application where molecular sieves are utilized to dehydrate or maintain anhydrous solvents through repeated air exposures. 3 sizes are available: 2 g (Monomer Bottle size), 5 g and 10 g.

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