• Streamline Your PCR and qPCR workflows with PIPETMAX<sup>®</sup>

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Streamline Your PCR and qPCR workflows with PIPETMAX®

Oct 04 2022

Whilst qPCR is a very versatile technique in many synthetic, and molecular biological workflows, human error and variations in manual pipetting practices can introduce inconsistencies and unreliability into this very sensitive application.  PIPETMAX®, Gilson's automated liquid handler is a small benchtop system that can transform throughput, accuracy, and reliability of qPCR and nucleic acid normalization in many laboratory workflows.  Easy to use and convenient, PIPETMAX® is an entry-level automation system ideal even for those without automation experience. For a limited time, Gilson is offering a complete qPCR PIPETMAX® system at an exclusive special price with up to 6 months of free tips.

Why choose PIPETMAX?

  • qPCR Assistant: This built-in wizard creates automated qPCR protocols without the need for programming.
  • Eliminate errors: By moving to automation, protect your important samples from inconsistencies due to pipetting errors and cross-contamination.
  • Free yourself from the work of sample preparation: Let PIPETMAX® prepare samples for you and make better use of your time and focus on your next discovery.
  • Maintains flexibility: Flexible and versatile, PIPETMAX® can perform PCR, qPCR, cell-based assays, NGS prep, ELISA prep, and tip-based sample preparation all on the same platform.
  • Increased throughput: Increases the number of samples that can be processed in parallel, expanding testing capacity while ensuring sample integrity.

Want more information on how Gilson can provide solutions for your PCR & qPCR applications? Visit our Gilson Learning Hub for our articles and application notes or discover our PIPETMAX® qPCR special offer.

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