• Flapping Homogeniser for Optimal Bacterial Extraction
    Wiggens HG400 Pro is silent, very reliable and user friendly.

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Flapping Homogeniser for Optimal Bacterial Extraction

Mar 08 2022

Flapping Homogenisers, also known as Sterile Homogenisers, can be used to extract bacteria from solid samples by placing the original samples and the diluents into a sterile bag inside the homogeniser. Through the flapping of the paddles, the material in the bag can rapidly reach a homogenised state by the pressure, shaking and vibration.

The Wiggens HG400 Pro is a new generation flapping homogeniser. It is silent, very reliable and user friendly. With adjustable blending power, it is the optimal for various different applications, from food to animal tissues. The unit come with a BLDC motor, which is quiet, robust and maintenance free. The double layer window door includes an illumination function which enables a quick check-up during the homogenising process.

To guarantee the uniformity of the effective extraction of the microorganism inside and on the surface of the solid sample, all the material should be placed in the sterile bag. The homogenised sample then can be used for downstream analysis, and the sterile bag avoids any cross contamination issues and prevents the need for cleaning of the instrument.

Experience every advantage with the new generation Wiggens HG400 Pro flapping homogeniser: convenience, speed, gentle operation, accuracy and great repeatability.

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