• Piecing Together the Data Puzzle

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

Piecing Together the Data Puzzle

Mar 13 2021

The scientist’s job is to synthesise information -to piece together clues from different techniques and conclude: these compounds constitute this sample, or the reaction produced this chemical.

Yet gathering the information in an organised way isn’t always straightforward. There’s so much data and accompanying information generated, much of it in incompatible formats.

Yes, scientists can collect thousands of points of data on three different instruments, using two different techniques; there’s so much that can be known. But when they want to look at all the data together, to better draw conclusions: instrument A’s data can only be analysed with proprietary software A, so it must be processed on computer A; same with instrument B. Now the final reports from A and B can be viewed on computer C. But if reprocessing is needed, it’s back to the raw data on computer A. (And if the scientist wants to check the compound structures? See spreadsheet D).

Just running everything on one platform would be an improvement in productivity. Enter the ACD/Spectrus Platform. As a vendor-agnostic platform, Spectrus® handles data from all major techniques (NMR, LC, GC, MS, IR, Raman, and more). It also works with most instrument-vendor formats. So scientists can analyse all the data from a project in one place, store their interpretations and chemical structures, and bring up the raw data to reanalyse if needed.

Even better, ACD/Labs’ workbook software combines Spectrus’ vendor-agnostic, multi-technique capabilities with databasing and remote access. Not only is information synthesised for one scientist; it’s synthesised for an entire team, no matter where the members work.

If science is about synthesis, then the easier it is to put pieces together, the faster research can advance. Spectrus helps scientists do that.

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