• Benchtop NMR system used at Temple University for Chemical Education and Advanced Research

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Benchtop NMR system used at Temple University for Chemical Education and Advanced Research

Sep 09 2013

As part of the Temple University School of Pharmacy, the Moulder Center has recently acquired a Magritek Spinsolve™ NMR Spectrometer; a cryogen-free benchtop NMR system ideally suited for chemical education and advanced research. "The addition of this system will greatly enhance our capacity to train future generation of drug discovery scientists," said Professor Magid Abou-Gharbia, Director of the Moulder Center and Associate Dean of Research of Temple School of Pharmacy. "In order to ensure that our students are fully prepared to tackle the most pressing research problems of the next generation, we must ensure that they have the most advanced technology possible. The arrival of the Magritek Spinsolvein our institution is yet another example of Temple's commitment to its students and high quality research."

Continuing, Professor Abou-Gharbia said: "the sleek benchtop design of this instrument will greatly simplify its integration into the existing laboratory space of the school of pharmacy. Its ease of use is expected to significantly enhance productivity of students and faculty, providing them with greater opportunity to pursue advanced research on a highly competitive level. Students, post-doctoral scientists, and visiting faculty will all have access to the benchtop SpinsolveNMR Spectrometer, allowing rapid, hands-on acquisition of critical program data, enabling them to solve complex research problems in a more efficient manner. The system will be a centre piece of the Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research's analytical technology suite."

The Spinsolve compact NMR spectrometer is controlled by easy-to-use software designed to enable users to operate the system with very little training. Traditional NMR complexities are hidden and automated. The system uses a fast automatic lock, giving the user the choice of whether or not to use deuterated solvents. Once the spectrum is acquired, it can be viewed immediately, printed, or quickly sent via email or network to another location for further analysis. For example, data is easily opened in third party NMR software with a license for the Mestrelab Mnova NMR package included with each purchase.

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