• Affordable, High Quality Light Microscopes for Every Application Now Available in the UK & Ireland
    The Microtec MI-u research microscope

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Affordable, High Quality Light Microscopes for Every Application Now Available in the UK & Ireland

Apr 18 2018

Microtec supplies a full range of light microscopes and accessories for all applications. Based in Axbridge, the company provides comprehensive support through its network of experienced dealers.

The Microtec range of microscopes and accessories is a relatively new name to the British market. Based on high manufacturing quality, excellent imaging capability and reliability, the company has rapidly become one of the leading UK suppliers of light microscopes and accessories. The company was founded on the back of a long history in the world of microscopy by Clive Cowen, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society (1989). He began his career with Zeiss light microscopes developing a passion for improving imaging performance. He went on to run his company developing and supplying specialist microscope systems to manufacturers worldwide. He became involved with the RMS and teaching training courses on microscopy. This led him to China and the importation of basic school level microscopes. Initially, quality was a problem, but this has changed immeasurably as evidenced from the label on the back of today’s microscopes – many of the leading manufacturers were now having their products made in China.

Cowen then embarked on a plan to establish a line of microscopes designed and manufactured specifically targeting the exacting requirements of the UK market. High quality optics and mechanics were needed and this led to building a family of suppliers, each bringing a specific expertise to the end product. The result is Mictotec.

The Microtec range now covers a wide variety of the needs in the life sciences and material sciences and provides excellent performance at economical prices. There is one other aspect critical to the supply of a good product. That is technical backup. Users are experts in knowing about their required application of a microscope. But they still require good technical advice in selecting the ideal equipment specification for their particular application. Put simply, users need to know they can pick up the ‘phone and speak to someone who knows what they are talking about and this is delivered by Cowen and his colleagues at Microtec. Additional support and advice is available through a carefully selected dealer network. The microscopes all come with a lifetime guarantee and stock levels ensure prompt deliveries. A selection of instruments available is outlined here. The range extends from basic routine instruments to advanced microscopes for research and exacting requirements. The fields covered include the life sciences and materials science as well microscopes for assembly and testing.

For example, take the Microtec MI-u. This is a research microscope with an ergo head for comfortable viewing. It can be equipped with incident fluorescence and phase contrast. There is a wide of choice of flat field achromat and flat field fluorite objectives. Contact Microtec today and describe your needs and let Cowen and his team put together a matched offering for you.

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