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See Innovation in a New Light at Pittcon 2017

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The 68th Pittcon returns to Chicago on 5-9 March 2017 and offers a unique opportunity to get a hands-on look at the latest innovations and to find solutions to all your laboratory challenges.
As the world’s largest and premier conference and exposition on laboratory science, Pittcon 2017 is expected to attract more than 15,000 attendees from industry, academia and government from 90 countries worldwide. Pittcon 2017 will provide a showcase for scientific innovations on laboratory equipment, technology and supplies, unique networking opportunities and educational programmes. Experience cutting-edge technologies from over 800 exhibitors, a diverse technical programme of over 2000 presentations as well as short courses and networking sessions that provide the chance to exchange ideas with scientists from all over the world.
The Wallace H. Coulter lecture at Pittcon 2017 will be delivered by Dr Karl Deisseroth, the D.H. Chen Professor of Bioengineering and of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, and Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
His lecture ‘Integrated Brainwide Structural and Functional Analysis’ will focus on bioanalytical application. Deisseroth will discuss the development of optogenetics (a technology for controlling millisecond-scale activity patterns in specific cell types using microbial opsin genes and fiberoptic-based neural interfaces, all in freely-behaving animals including adult mammals). He will also speak on the development of hydrogel-tissue composites and also discuss the application of his methods to discover the neural cell types and connections that cause adaptive and maladaptive behaviours.
Dr Deisseroth’s presentation will take place on Sunday, 5 March in McCormick Place with a complimentary mixer and poster session immediately following.
The topic of the 2017 James L. Waters Annual Symposium is ‘Genomic Analysis Technologies’. This prestigious symposium will discuss the history, science, and applications of the technologies developed by Illumina, Inc. Illumina has become the market leader in next generation genomics tools transforming our understanding of biology and genetics, as well as the face of healthcare. The road from an academic discovery to the foundations of this transformative company will be described and general lessons will be provided.
The impressive panel of speakers presenting the 2017 James L. Waters Annual Symposium include: David R. Walt, Tufts University; Jay Flatley, Illumina; Ramji Srinivasan, Counsyl; Daniel S. Grosu, LabCorp Pharmaceuticals, and Johnson & Johnson; Alex Aravanis, GRAIL.
This informative session will take place during Pittcon on Monday, 6 March at 1:30 pm.
The Pittcon 2017 Short Course program will run from 4 – 9 March in the West Hall of McCormick Place.
Courses are offered at beginner and intermediate levels, range from one-half day up to two-days. With more than 100 from which to choose, there are a wide variety of classes covering relevant analytical topics in food science, water/wastewater, environmental, life science, pharmaceutical. Courses for broad-based application and general lab functions include lab management, quality control, technical writing, statistics, data management, and lab safety.
This year, there are more than 40 new courses added to the schedule on topics such as, LC, GC, advanced techniques in HPLC, LIMS, scientific/technical writing, and data analysis, to name a few.
Short Course Chairman Stephanie Wetzel commented: “Year after year, our courses and instructors continually get high ratings by participants. A wide range of topics, expert instructors, affordability and convenience make these educational courses an excellent opportunity to add to one’s skill set.”
See a complete list of all short courses either by date or category with descriptions at
Conference Networking sessions are free to all registered attendees and provide the opportunity to meet and network with other professionals with similar interests and discuss topics in an informal setting.
Conferee Networking sessions begin on Sunday and run through Wednesday afternoon and are open to all full conferee registrations.
This year, there will be 34 facilitated sessions during Conference week covering topics related to food science, specialty analysis, environmental science, water quality, materials science, biomedical, laboratory Information/data analysis, pharmaceutical science and more.
The official Pittcon 2017 conference and exposition planning tool, Pittcon at a Glance, which is available in app version for mobile devices (Pittcon 2017) and optimised as a web version, has been released.   
The most significant change to this year’s app is that a registered conferee can log in and create an agenda that syncs across all of their devices. The app also offers the ability to directly access one’s registration account and purchase Short Courses.
Over the following pages we take a look at a selection of the exhibitors and products which will be on display this year.
For further information and a full list of exhibitors go to:
International Labmate look forward to welcoming you to Booth 4812 at Pittcon 2017


ABB Analytical Measurements

For more than 40 years, ABB Measurement & Analytics has enabled scientists around the world to perform through excellence in infrared spectroscopy. Its portfolios of high performance laboratory, at-line and process FT-IR/FT-NIR analysers have addressed a wide variety of applications. ABB spectrometers perform real-time analysis of the chemical composition and/or physical properties of a process sample stream. As part of its portfolio ABB provide custom calibration modelling services and application support. ABB designs, manufactures, and markets reliable spectrometers as well as turnkey analytical solutions for Petroleum, Chemical, Life Sciences, Semiconductor, Academic, Aluminium, OEM industries and spectroradiometers for Remote Sensing/Space market.


Airmotec AG

Chromatotec®, online gas analyser experts.
For 40 years, Chromatotec®, alliance of the expertise of three compa¬nies, Chromato-Sud, airmotec, Medor, has been specialised in the development, manufacturing and sales of online gas analysers by chromatography, exclusively made in France.
With offices in China and USA, the group is historically based in Gironde (South-West of France) since its creation.
Chromatotec® is worldwide known for its leading-edge technology. Based on gas chromatograph principle, the company’s analysers are focused on VOCs/Sulphur compounds/odour monitoring. These technologies allow to track individual compounds at ppt/ppb/ppm concentration levels.


Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc

Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc offers Bench top and On-Line EDXRF spectrometers for analysis of solids, liquids and powders. The company’s bench top EDXRF portfolio includes the compact NEX QC Series for routine process control needs, the advanced NEX DE Series for bulk and small spot applications and the NEX CG Indirect Excitation analyser for complex applications and research. With their multi element capabilities, elements Na - U can be measured in a variety of matrices. For your real time process control needs, we offer the NEX XT Sulphur in Oil XRT analyser and the NEX OL Multi-Element EDXRF analyser designed for liquid streams and moving webs.



Arctiko is an awarded manufacturer and worldwide distributor of cold chain storage equipment.
The company enjoys making a difference and dedicate themselves in creating the best for both their customers and the environment.
By using Arctiko’s world patented single compressor system, you use 40-50% less energy. Reducing the energy consumption of their freezers, to keep a green environment is Arctiko’s responsibility.
Arctiko specialises in ULT freezers and have developed one of the most secure ULT freezers in the world, with their dual independent cooling system.
The company’s aim is to create products with technology foresight.


Argos Technologies, Inc

Argos is a manufacturer of consumables, liquid handling products, cryogenic storage solutions, and benchtop equipment for research laboratories.  
Come see the PolarSafe™ aluminium cooling blocks.  These blocks are made of anodised aluminium and are available to store 0.5mL MCT’s, 1.5-2.0mL MCT’s, cryogenic vials, PCR tubes, strips and plates and also 384-well plates. They complement the large assortment of freezer racks, cryovials, buckets/pans and labels in the Polarsafe family.
The range also includes robust pipetting reservoirs featuring easy opening ‘Snap Smart™’ bags.  Argos offers 25, 50 and 100mL sizes.
Argos’ innovative products are sold through laboratory supply distributors worldwide.


Carver, Inc, an ACS Group Company

New Autoseries plus press from Carver.
Carver, Inc introduces the new AutoSeries Plus automatic hydraulic laboratory presses. The AutoSeries Plus features a large 7” colour operator interface, enhanced platen temperature control and auto-tuning, ramp heating capability, real-time trending of force and temperature and seven day timer for auto heat-up.  Other features include storage of up to 250 recipes, recipe preview and optional data logging for cycle parameters.
AutoSeries Plus press models are available with 15 to 48 tons of clamping force and 6” x 6” to 19” x 19” platens.  Used in quality control and research and development for test sample preparations, destructive testing, moulding, laminating and fluid extraction.



Clarity Chromatography Software: flexibility in connecting instruments and variety of application options.
Clarity Chromatography SW enables the user to control 600+ different instruments, including Agilent, Hitachi and Shimadzu from one environment. Clarity is multilingual; users can switch among 6 languages - English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French and German. Clarity brings easy operation, unmatched free user’ support including free SW updates, optional extensions (PDA, MS, GPC, NGA etc.) and competitive pricing. DataApex offers Clarity OEM versions and can customise software to your specific requirements. A free demo version is available from the website.
DataApex products are sold in over 100 countries. 15 chromatography instrument manufacturers privately resell labelled versions of DataApex’s software.  


ErreDue SpA

Tired of having cylinders all around your lab? Erredue can provide the solution.
ErreDue is an Italian company that designs, builds and sells gas generators, for both industrial and laboratory use.
ErreDue’s laboratory gas generators help reduce the use of gas cylinders in order to avoid risks coming from high pressure cylinders storage, ensuring continuity of work and safety of laboratory personnel.
Furthermore, using a gas generator solves issues due to cylinder’s replacement, management and supply.
At ErreDue, quality is taken very seriously: every product is tested and certified in order to ensure the maximum reliability in time.


Fluid Metering, Inc

Fluid Metering, Inc manufactures unique, patented, valveless piston metering pumps and dispensers.  
With one moving part, a rotating and reciprocating ceramic piston, these pumps accomplish both pumping and valving functions.
Flow rates range from 2.5 µl/dispense to flows of 4,600 ml/min with pressures to 200 psig.
FMI pumps will dispense and meter fluids for millions of cycles with a drift free accuracy of better than 1%.  
Typical applications include fluid metering, dispensing and sampling for chemical process, laboratory, pilot plant, food processing, water treatment, and environmental analysers.


Fraunhofer ICT-IMM

The scientists at Fraunhofer ICT-IMM are engaged in research and development in the field of Analysis Systems and Sensors. They deal with the customer specific development of automated micro systems and components for medical diagnostics, environmental analysis, biological security applications, food quality control, industrial analytics and process control. With the help of simulation and micro structuring technologies Fraunhofer ICT-IMM develop efficient biomedical diagnostic systems (lab-on-a-chip or micro total analysis systems) for manifold applications. The micro system technology based systems allow a real-time analysis in terms of biological organisms, their building blocks or metabolites on-site at the point of care or point of use.


Fritsch GmbH

New innovations for sample preparation and particle sizing.
Fritsch is an internationally respected manufacturer of application-oriented laboratory instruments for sample preparation and particle analysis, setting worldwide standards in industry and research.
Sample preparation: the Fritsch Planetary Mill PULVERISETTE 6 premium line with 2 grinding stations is ideal for fast wet and dry grinding, mechanical alloying, mixing and homogenising with reliable results down into the nano range, and an absolutely secure automatic clamping of the bowls by the mill.
Particle sizing: discover the new Fritsch Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer, ideal for fast analysis of particle shape and size with Dynamic Image Analysis of dry, free-flowing powders and of suspensions and emulsions
in a measuring range from 20 µm to 20 mm.
Drop in and you will be surprised


Inorganic Ventures

Inorganic Ventures has added several products for 2017, including new Certified Titrants traceable to NIST and manufactured according to ISO Guide 34. Additionally, IV is now offering trace-metal and ultra-high purity grade concentrated nitric and hydrochloric acids with comprehensive trace metal impurity analyses provided on the Cerificates of Analyses. All new products are packaged using Transpiration Control Technology (TCT), which has been widely acclaimed since its launch in 2015. The TCT program extends the shelf life of IV products up to four years without compromising accuracy. Find out how Inorganic Ventures can flex to your specs at


International Labmate Ltd

For over 40 years, International Labmate has been providing manufacturers of scientific equipment with ideal platforms to market their products. Various markets are covered by each publication title: International Labmate, Labmate UK & Ireland, Lab Asia, Chromatography Today, International Environmental Technology, Asian Environmental Technology, Petro Industry News, Measurement Analysis China and Pollution Solutions.
The company also provides a variety of other successful platforms for reaching the scientific community including the exhibitions WWEM, PEFTEC, CEM India and the AQE show and online platforms such as E-Bulletins, banner advertising and Electronic Direct Marketing.



Labvantage, the most configurable, web-based LIMS in the market, is trusted by industry leaders worldwide. The company helps customers run their labs more efficiently and with fewer errors by automating tasks and integrating with instruments and systems. Labvantage’s vast experience allows them to minimise risk of project delays or failures. Systems can adapt to changing business needs after initial implementation.
With over 35 years of experience, Labvantage powers hundreds of laboratories, large and small, worldwide. Labvantage is the best choice for industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and consumer goods to molecular diagnostics and biobanking.


Leman Instruments

Leman Instruments is a leading European company, specialised in standard products, OEMs and in custom designed realisations involving high purity H2, N2 zero air, combined solutions for FIDs, GCs, purge air generators, CH4 and CO2 scrubbers, N2 and multigas for LCMS with high level of communications involving Ethernet, USB, RS 485 and possibility of AK protocol integration.



MilliporeSigma, the life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, is a global leader in life science with one of the broadest product and technology portfolios in the industry. Since Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany acquired Sigma-Aldrich in 2015, the combined organisation’s purpose has been clear: to solve the toughest problems in life science by collaborating with the global scientific community. MilliporeSigma solve problems at every stage, from drug discovery and development to manufacturing and diagnostics. The products range from lab water purification systems to gene editing tools, antibodies, cell lines and systems for manufacturing drugs.
Booth 3612, SR18, SR19, SR20


Pike Technologies, Inc

Pike Technologies, Inc is a primary source for spectroscopy accessories worldwide. Products include attenuated total reflectance (ATR), diffuse reflection, specular reflection, integrating spheres, polarisation, remote sensing, and transmission sampling accessories including gas cells. Many of these are available with optional heating and automation for increased sampling speed and productivity.
Pike products are used in the petrochemical, food, forensic, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, agriculture, government and the material science industries as well as in many academic institutions. They can be used for the analysis of organic and inorganic materials by FTIR, NIR and UV-Vis spectroscopy.


Polymer Char

Automated external filtering system for carbon black and other additives of small particle size in Polyolefins.
Polymer Char, with a complete range of instruments for polyolefin characterisation, has introduced a series of accessories to facilitate tasks in polyolefin characterisation laboratories. One of these new accessories is the EFS; an automated, fast and innovative apparatus for eliminating carbon black, rest of catalysts or other additives of small particle size that may be present in polyolefin samples.
The process is fast, easy and safe for the user as there is no solvent handling nor manual vial transfer. Thanks to its smart design, the solution travels through disposable cartridges only, so no cross-contamination may occur nor any vapours are released to the ambient.
EFS means a breakthrough in external filtration, being the only automated system in the market capable of eliminating carbon black completely in an effective, fast and safe process.



Remarkably Responsive Temperature Control Solutions.
For five decades, PolyScience has responded to the needs of laboratory, chemical, medical, industrial and plastics markets with unparalleled innovation, passion and user-focus. The dedication to quality, ease of operation and reliability has helped PolyScience become a global company that spans six continents. PolyScience’s refrigerated circulators, heated circulators, chillers, recirculating coolers, water baths and special-purpose products are designed to simplify tasks, take less space, integrate more seamlessly and perhaps most important, make your work productive and enjoyable.


Reichert Technologies Analytical Instruments

Concentration, purity and accuracy. Density Meters, Polarimeters and Refractometers. Measure refractive index, density and optical activity determining the concentration and purity of numerous substances. Reichert Density Meter 4 measures to 0.0001g/cm3 accuracy. The Polarimeter provides high-quality measurements for every application and every budget. Polar1 is the entry-level model with 0.01º/0.03ºZ accuracy and a 589mm fixed wavelength. Polar3 is precise to 0.005º/0.015ºZ and includes one fixed wavelength with others available on request. AR Series of refractometers measure a wide variety of fluids, ranging from sugar to pharmaceuticals, juices to engine coolant, and beer to chemicals accurately, quickly and easily.


Seal Analytical

With facilities in Europe, USA and China, Seal Analytical is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of laboratory analysers including automated discrete and segmented flow nutrient analysers for use in environmental and industrial laboratories. See
Seal is a technology leader in the development of innovative nutrient analysis solutions and has over
30 years of experience in laboratory-based automated analysis.
As the designer, developer and manufacturer of both hardware and software, Seal’s strong record of consistent growth is built on innovation and the ability to provide complete bespoke monitoring solutions to meet precise customer needs.


Specac Ltd

Specac is a high quality manufacturer of FTIR accessories and sample preparation products, bringing new and innovative solutions to the market place on a regular basis.
Specac’s spectroscopic accessory products cover a range of techniques, including ATR, Diffuse Reflectance, Specular Reflectance and Transmission. Providing the right solution for any sample in any state and under any conditions.
Specac produce a wide range of laboratory sample preparation products for making pellets, discs or films. The ‘Atlas’ range offers the right pressing solution for your needs, ranging from small low tonnage manual hydraulic presses to 40 ton fully programmable automatic presses.



Over 50 years history in the manufacture of precision quartz and glass cells/cuvettes for spectroscopy, fluorimetry, refractrometry; including macro to sub-micro sample volumes for static, temperature, UHV or flow applications.
World leading supplier of UV-VIS-NIR certified reference materials (CRMs), including full compliance to the new USP Chapter <857> with UKAS accreditation to ISO 17025 (calibration) and ISO Guide 34 (reference material producer). Starna CRMs are preferred by instrument manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to meet all industry validation requirements.
For Life Biosciences the Starna DMV-Bio cell is a fast effective solution for nano-volume DNA and Proteins analysis in standard spectrophotometers.


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager™
The Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager™ offers a single solution for laboratory and data management (LIMS and SDMS) and process execution (procedural ELN). The software solution drives productivity, ensures compliance, streamlines processes and improves organisational efficiency by using the world’s most widely deployed LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™ delivers laboratory management, data management (SDMS) and process execution/procedural ELN (LES) capabilities in a single solution. When connected with Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data Systems (CDS), laboratories can manage the entire chromatography workflow in one integrated solution. Laboratories across all industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, petrochemical, water and environmental, manufacturing and contract testing, rely on SampleManager™ to unlock the
power of their laboratory data.
More information:


VUV Analytics

VUV Analytics is a world leader in vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) absorption spectroscopy. VUV Analytics manufactures the VGA-100, VGA-101, & SVGA-100 universal gas chromatography (GC) and streaming gas detectors.  Everything absorbs strongly in the VUV spectrum. Compounds can be unambiguously identified and quantitated in a variety of applications including oil & gas, forensics, fragrances & flavours, petrochemical, environmental, and life science.  VUV detectors provide unmatched selectivity of isomers and co-eluting analytes without the need for chromatographic baseline resolution. VUV spectrometry is easy to use, doesn’t utilise vacuum pump technology, and isn’t dependent on continuous calibration.     


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