• New Range of Ultra High Purity (UHP) Nitrogen Generators From Parker domnick hunter


New Range of Ultra High Purity (UHP) Nitrogen Generators From Parker domnick hunter

Dec 03 2012

A safer alternative to hazardous and expensive nitrogen cylinders is now available from a new range of UHP nitrogen generators from Parker domnick hunter, a world leader in separation and filtration technologies.

Generating your own nitrogen on-site will remove the risks associated with the logistics and handling of high pressure gas cylinders and their onerous administrative requirements. All models are available with the option of an integral compressor for a complete ‘plug and play’ solution, or can simply be connected to the facility instrument air supply. 

Incorporated into the innovative design from the outset, advanced sound reduction technology allows these generators to be installed directly into the laboratory. During periods of no nitrogen demand, a full economy feature automatically switches the generator to an energy saving ‘standby mode’. This not only saves the unnecessary waste of energy, but also considerably prolongs compressor life to maximise uptime and provide even further on-going cost benefits.

With 21 models in the new range, there is a flow, pressure and purity option to meet virtually any analytical or laboratory application. UHP generators (99.9995%) are available with hydrocarbon removal to 0.1ppm making them ideal for all purity sensitive applications, including Gas Chromatography (GC) with Electron Capture Detectors (ECD). Applications include GC (both fuel and carrier gas requirements), Total Organic Carbon, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Circular Dichroism, Inductive Coupled Plasma (OES & MS), Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors and solvent evaporators.

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