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Keeping Cool in the Medical Laboratory: EBI Data Loggers

Oct 21 2021

Xylem’s ebro branded range of data loggers offer extensive protection throughout the medical laboratory, doctor’s surgeries and cold-chain. A diverse range of products help ensure medicines, human tissues and serums are protected against damaging temperature variances that can have catastrophic effects on the goods being transported or stored.

Designed to monitor the temperature of drugs, serums and other perishable goods during shipment or storage, the reusable EBI 310 USB data logger provides the ability to access data reports in a standard PDF format. This removes the need to invest in specialist software needed to configure or read some other data loggers, and the associated training, reducing overall costs.

Other relevant applications for the EBI 310 USB data logger include clinical trials (medication tests and launches), or storage of samples in refrigerators or freezers in which flexible control measurements are crucial.

The EBI 310 TE is a special version suitable for monitoring vaccines (including those used to fight COVID-19) thanks to its ability to measure extremely low and high temperatures (200°C and +250°C).

Viable monitoring of fridges and freezers is also facilitated by the TMX 400 Series thermometers. These thermometers simultaneously display the current measured temperature (as well as Min / Max limits) and have an audible signal if storage temperatures are exceeded.

For sterilisation processes in hospital and dentist laboratories, the EBI 11 or EBI 12 Bowie Dick data loggers with radio-mode features are commonly used. Together with an array of accessories that ensure a true representation of the autoclave is recorded, ebro brand products ensure compliance to regulatory provisions and conformity to global norms and standards.

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