• Wireless Electrochemistry - Gimmick or Godsend?

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Wireless Electrochemistry - Gimmick or Godsend?

Aug 24 2020

Several companies produce wireless pH electrodes but when we compare the take up of these to our personal wireless devices such as phones and tablets, there seems to be a degree of scepticism. What benefits do they really bring? Does the extra cost give the user all the advantages they expect or want?

Xylem brand WTW’s IDS (Intelligent Digital Sensors) wireless probes try to address all these concerns. Firstly, it’s not only pH that can done wirelessly but also Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Redox and Turbidity. But the real benefit the WTW system brings is that the probes can be connected via a cable or wirelessly through the adaptor as the application requires. Importantly, IDS Technology converts sensitive analogue measurement signals into a secure digital data string that is stored along with other parameters such as ID, calibration history, date & time, etc. prior to its transmission.

Measurement is simply made using a small button on top of the wireless transmitter. Compatible meters are the benchtop (inoLab®) or handheld (MultiLine®) models, which are identical in functionality. Up to three probes can be used in any combination at the same time.  This means that in busy laboratories where space is a premium, one meter can be used with up to three wireless probes all connected and collecting data at the same time; for example, one person at a containment cabinet, one at the bench and another using a fume hood. 

Alternatively, the newly developed multi-channel IDS Gate can be used as the receiver to directly interface up to 8 wireless sensors with a PC, company server or LIMS without the need for an intermediate meter.

To learn more about how Xylem Analytics can help you go wireless and digital in your lab, please contact us today.

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