• Bio-safety Class I and II for Contained Flow Cytometry Systems

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Bio-safety Class I and II for Contained Flow Cytometry Systems

Mar 13 2020

The compact LAFC enclosures from Bigneat provides containment for the user or product or perhaps both, where safety of personnel is the primary function of its design with the secondary option for product sterility.

  Through innovation and close customer and OEM feedback Bigneat developed a compact, modular design to suit the ever changing challenges of various Flow Cytometry equipment and limited space in the laboratory. The company have standard and custom solutions to suit the varied equipment and the limited workspace for the scientists to perform their valuable experiments

Bigneat’s clear view concept (plexi-glass on all four sides) allows a full visibility to the equipment housed. Access to the enclosure interior during operation can be gained through the 300mm high sliding windows with hinged door access for out of process work such as changing or cleaning filters on the instrument. Operator protection is provided by high velocity air (minimum 0.5m/s) passing into the enclosure through this lower door and side windows to provide operator protection from hazardous aerosols. This laboratory air flows into the enclosure and into a profiled grille around the enclosure’s work surface. This enclosure’s airflow is compliant to a B2 type system with a 100% pass through of air.

The user interface is a programmable control system displaying the enclosure’s status safety status and controls airflow with audible and visible alarms fitted as a standard feature. Tubing, cable and utilities ports and glands have been strategically been positioned and there are options for UV, yellow light and wet cart for specific instruments. 

Bigneat can offer global support from the design phase through to manufacture, installation, certification to meets recognised Standards worldwide, NSF Standard 49 (A white paper was written and endorsed by University of California for Class II containment), Category B2 and EN12469:2000 & Clean Air to EN 14644-1 and aftermarket service support.

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