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Laboratory Automation Covid-19 Bio-Safety Enclosure

Apr 16 2020

Bigneat offers a specialised range of Laboratory Automation Enclosures for use with liquid handling platforms / robotics capable of meeting high-throughput requirements. Bigneat cabinets are being shipped globally to aid in the Covid-19 screening process. As with all of our products, Bigneat does not operate on a 'one size fits all’ strategy. Working closely with our customers in a true 'spirit of partnership' we are able to collectively ensure that the application and process requirements are fully understood and realised.

From our conceptual design phase through to customer engagement, manufacturing and installation of our enclosures, we are able to ensure that our customers achieve the very best performance from their system and process.

LAC2 provides operator and sample/process protection in closed or open conditions. The enclosure interior is accessible through sliding windows in the lower door through which high velocity inflow air enters (minimum 0.4m/s) providing operator protection and sample/process protection. This laboratory air then flows into a profiled grille extending the full width across the front of the enclosure.

The Bigneat Biological Protection Enclosure LAC2 Class II type enclosure, is designed and constructed following years of experience, provides for Operator and Sample / Process protection with doors in closed or open conditions. The enclosure interior is accessible via sliding windows in the lower access door.  High velocity airflow (minimum 0.4m/s) enters the enclosure through these lower windows providing operator protection and is entrained into a profiled grille that extends along the full width of the front of the enclosure. The Downflow HEPA Filtered air ensures sample and process protection.

The Custom designs available for this model of enclosure provide for front and side access, front and back access.

The enclosure includes an epoxy-coated steel stand with self-levelling/lockable castors for full mobility.

  • Providing in-process operator and product protection (sterility) with access via 300mm high sliding windows.
  • Programmable control system – displays enclosure status and controls airflow system balance, hour counter.
  • Display mounted on enclosure exterior shows status of enclosed robotic system.
  • Bigneat enclosures provide excellent visibility of the enclosed system.
  • Audible and visual alarm indication of low airflow and door open warning.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (or alternative sterilisation) connections (night doors, removed for normal operation and access).

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