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Real-time Measurement from Electrodes and Electrochemical Sensors

Apr 02 2006

The new BioStat? System from ESA Biosciences Inc. uniquely provides a simple, cost effective way to take real time measurements from electrodes and electrochemical sensors. Until now it has been necessary to choose between complex, expensive multi-channel instruments or inexpensive, low performance potentiostats. The new BioStat? System brings the best of both to every laboratory.

The BioStat? is a state-of-the-art electrochemical system designed for use with a wide range of commercial electrochemical sensors and electrodes. It allows precise amperometric or voltammetric measurements to be made independently on up to four channels. The system can handle signals of either polarity from virtually any electrochemical sensor employing either 2 or 3 electrode configurations. The flexible BioStat System can utilise virtually any electrochemical sensor or electrode. It provides useful, real time data recording for Free Radical Biology. With NO, Oxygen or Hydrogen Peroxide sensors from ESA Biosciences/Cypress Systems, other commercial sources or that you make yourself you are not locked into any one sensor. Adapters are available for the most common connector-types found on such sensors. The ruggedly constructed system can be used for any multi-channel, isolated data acquisition, as a digital current and voltage amplifier or photo current amplifier for many applications. Each channel can also be configured for precise temperature or pH measurement.

Designed to provide leading-edge performance the BioStat processing system delivers a dynamic range of 100,000:1 in the input data, with accuracies of 0.1% in Amperometric and Potentiometric modes. Temperature measurement accuracy is 0.1°C up to 100°C. Baseline noise is one millionth of the measurement range selected, and real-time digital filtering under user-control provides effective reduction of any data input artefacts.

Measurements on the BioStat may be displayed in Volts, Amps and other preset units (e.g. pH, M, ppm, °C, etc). The operating software processes the data for realtime graphical display and analysis on the user's PC or Notebook via a standard USB port. The software menu is based on standard Windows® format, so that all the control features are instantly recognisable to anyone who has used Windows.

ESA Biosciences Inc., is a leading manufacturer and supplier of analytical instruments for the life science, clinical diagnostic, drug discovery and pharmaceutical industries. Founded in 1968, ESA offers a complete line of HPLC systems, components, and advanced detectors, along with a broad range of analytical services.

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