• Add a New Dimension to your Prep-HPLC with CPC

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Add a New Dimension to your Prep-HPLC with CPC

Nov 02 2021

Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) or Counter Current Chromatography (CCC), as it is sometimes known, is a cost-effective solution for purification and extraction research using liquid-liquid phases rather than a solid stationary phase. Laboratories purifying natural compounds are fast adopting CPC as a highly efficient alternative to traditional HPLC technologies. 

With no column to replace or silica to recycle, CPC offers low solvent consumption compared with traditional chromatography techniques and requires no extensive pre-treatment of samples. Crude material is diluted, filtered and loaded directly onto the CPC system without initial clean-up methods.

Gilson’s CPC systems allow for high injection capacities ranging from milligrams to multi-kilogram scale. In addition, they provide the capability to isolate and produce enriched extracts and pure molecules from complex matrices without denaturing them.

Gilson has introduced two exclusive offers on their VERITY® CPC Lab systems for a limited time, available for researchers and academic labs.  This is to encourage the adoption of CPC and educate young scientists in a new technique that is fast becoming a preferred method for natural product purification.  Download the “Introduction To CPC Technology” technote or access Gilson’s library of CPC application notes specifically focused on natural product purification. These include Purification Of Vanillin: A Comparative Study Between Prep HPLC and CPC and Purification of [6]-Gingerol from Ginger by Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) for Flavoring Industries

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