• SPELEC - new range of instruments combines spectroscopy and electrochemistry for simplified research

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SPELEC - new range of instruments combines spectroscopy and electrochemistry for simplified research

Apr 01 2020

Spectroelectrochemistry is the combination of electrochemistry and spectroscopy and studies spectral changes as a function of applied potential or current. When combining both techniques, the limited structural information available from the electrochemical response is complemented by optical monitoring. Launching SPELEC, Metrohm DropSens is proud to present the first fully integrated range of instruments for spectroelectrochemical research.

The main challenge when combining different techniques such as electrochemistry and spectroscopy is the complexity of interfacing different instruments and kinds of software. Moreover, data handling becomes difficult, especially when synchronization between electrochemical and spectroscopic measurements is critical.

Addressing these challenges, Metrohm DropSens presents the SPELEC platform of instruments, an integrated solution that simply did not exist before: The SPELEC platform features a range of dedicated instruments combining a light source, a spectrometer and a potentiostat/galvansotat in just one unit. In addition, one and the same software with dedicated functions is used for synchronization and easy data treatment and analysis.

The SPELEC instrument is available in various wavelength ranges:

  • UV-VIS (200 – 900 nm)
  • VIS-NIR (350-1050 nm)
  • RAMAN (785 – 1010 nm and Raman shift 0 – 2850 cm-1).
  • NIR (900-2200 nm)

The SPELEC range of instruments are compatible with any kind of spectroelectrochemical cells and conventional set-ups. However, users may also perform spectroelectrochemistry with screen-printed electrodes with a wide variety of accessories.

Learn more about our SPELEC solutions.

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