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Don't Let Evaporation Be A Bottleneck

May 04 2021

From a dry block evaporator designed for nine 50 mL beakers to a water bath designed for up to 100 small volume samples, Organomation’s MULTIVAP product line is the perfect evaporator to gently and efficiently concentrate batches of similar samples.

Since 1959, Organomation has been a leading expert in benchtop evaporation. Organomation evaporators are used globally in a wide variety of academic, analytical, and life science laboratories—anywhere small sample evaporation is needed. The company specialises in parallel evaporation of small samples up to 50 mL, in vials or test tubes.

Increase productivity with a high capacity benchtop evaporator

While the company’s classic evaporator, the N-EVAP, is ideal for research labs handling a wide array of samples, the larger MULTIVAP evaporators are specifically designed for labs with high sample throughput. Each MULTIVAP includes a heated platform and nitrogen gas distribution assembly to rapidly remove solvent from up to 100 samples at a time, increasing productivity. The gas distribution assembly moves as a unit to start and stop evaporation to all samples at once, further saving valuable time. When running fewer samples, simply close off any unused rows to conserve nitrogen.

The MULTIVAP has evolved over the years to become easier and easier to use, including features such as a needle guide to easily align the nitrogen delivery needles with the samples and a pressure reducing regulator to prevent accidental spikes in gas flow. A timer allows for hands-off operation, perfect for evaporation to dryness. Simply set the desired evaporation time and walk away—the heating unit and gas flow will shut off automatically once evaporation is complete.


  • High capacity models hold up to 100 samples
  • Uniform evaporation across all samples
  • No adjustment needed between batches of samples, saving valuable time

Highlighted uses

  • Metabolomics research prior to analysis with LC-MS
  • Extractables and leachables testing
  • Forensic toxicology and blood testing

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