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On-Demand Nitrogen Generation for Sample Concentration

Apr 06 2021

Organomation has been a leader in small sample evaporation since 1959 following the development of the first ever commercially successful nitrogen evaporator. Today, Organomation is considered an expert in nitrogen blowdown evaporation. Laboratories worldwide still rely on the time-tested technology of the company’s flagship line, the N-EVAP evaporator.

Blowdown evaporation is an efficient method for gently evaporating small, delicate samples. A stream of gas removes solvent vapor from above the sample, allowing more solvent to move to the vapor phase. While blowdown evaporation can be successfully performed with dry compressed air, nitrogen gas is often preferred to prevent oxidation of delicate samples. Nitrogen can be supplied through nitrogen cylinders or onsite generation. Although starting out with a nitrogen tank is a smaller upfront investment, nitrogen tanks provide much higher purity than is required for successful blowdown evaporation; typically 95-97% purity nitrogen is sufficient to prevent oxidation of samples during evaporation. While nitrogen is a relatively inexpensive laboratory gas, replacement cylinders still add up over time.

A lightweight and low-cost solution to nitrogen generation

In response to the need for a low-cost option for supplying nitrogen for blowdown evaporation, Organomation offers a lightweight generator as a sustainable alternative to using nitrogen cylinders. The newly redesigned NITRO-GEN nitrogen gas generator is a compact and lightweight solution that integrates with a lab’s compressed air source for on-demand nitrogen gas production. It generates up to a 99% pure stream of nitrogen depending on flow rate. A built-in nitrogen flow regulator gives enhanced control over the nitrogen purity levels produced for laboratories with specific purity requirements.

The NITRO-GEN uses a hollow fibre membrane to convert lab compressed air to nitrogen gas. The membrane filters out water, oxygen, and other impurities, providing a stream of nitrogen for use in the lab. The generator is designed to supply all Organomation blowdown evaporators up to 48 sample positions, along with a number of other blowdown units on the market. In addition to evaporation, the NITRO-GEN can be used for other moderate flow sample preparation applications such as mixing and sparging.


  • Small footprint to conserve valuable bench space
  • No electricity required – integrates with an external air compressor
  • No maintenance required


  • Purity up to 99%
  • Flow up to 20 L/min
  • Adjustable nitrogen outlet pressure

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