• Compact Batch Photoreactor with Temperature Control
    Solstice™ – a compact, temperature-controlled batch photoreactor. (courtesy – Uniqsis Ltd)

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Compact Batch Photoreactor with Temperature Control

Apr 11 2023

Uniqsis presents Solstice™, a cost-effective, high-performance, and flexible batch photoreactor with temperature control, designed for small-scale photochemical reactions in synthesis labs.

Solstice™ is the perfect tool for conducting photochemical synthesis reactions that involve solid materials, optimising reaction conditions and creating small compound arrays.

Solstice™ is a compact photoreactor that can accommodate up to 12 reactions (0.5 – 5ml) simultaneously, fitting neatly onto a standard laboratory hotplate/stirrer. To ensure operator safety, Solstice™ is equipped with internal interlocks. Temperature control is achieved through an external recirculator or tap, while an internal temperature probe provides accurate temperature measurements for each of the 12 tube reactors. Each tube reactor comes with a septum, allowing for inert atmosphere operation, in-situ reagent loading, and degassing. Optional inserts are available to create thin films under vortex stirring conditions, maximising light absorption.

As standard, Solstice™ includes a high-power Borealis™ LED light source that offers either 450nm or 365nm excitation as standard. However, other wavelengths are available upon request.

The Solstice™ is primarily designed as a batch photoreactor. However, the Borealis™ lamp module in Solstice™ systems can be combined with a Uniqsis Cold Coil and an internal coil reactor, allowing for continuous flow processing on this versatile device.

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