• New App Allows Remote Control of Tube Barcode Readers via Wi-Fi
    Sample management ‘on the move’ using DP5 Mobile.

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New App Allows Remote Control of Tube Barcode Readers via Wi-Fi

Mar 03 2023

Upgrade to DP5 Mobile

Ziath has released an updated version of its well-received DP5 Network app, which now allows tube barcode readers and scanners to be controlled remotely through a Wi-Fi connection using a smartphone or tablet.

DP5 Mobile is equipped with cutting-edge software tools that deliver unparalleled speed and precision in decoding barcoded tube racks. The app features a brand-new user interface that is specifically designed for mobile devices, enhancing your user experience. With DP5 Mobile, you are no longer restricted to the lab bench as you can use your tablet or smartphone to operate a tube scanner from anywhere within your local area network (LAN), including your compound stores or freezers.

The DP5 Mobile app is designed with user-friendliness in mind, providing you with the ability to download and access result files with ease. You can easily share these files through various applications on your phone or tablet, not just through email. The app also boosts productivity by consolidating all necessary information onto a single scan result page. The app's unique mobile functionality includes larger scan images, image zooming, selected tube highlighting, as well as the capability to view auto-exported results, scan time questions and answers.

DP5 Mobile offers a swift and secure user experience, enabling you to export tube positions and barcodes in a wide range of formats including JSON, XLS, CSV, Text, PDF, PNG, and Python, exceeding what other apps can offer. You can effortlessly transfer the data to a colleague or your desktop PC after exporting it in your preferred format.

Although any camera-based reader or scanner is capable of running DP5 Standard software, Ziath DataPaq™ Express and DataPaq™ Mirage 2D-barcode rack readers are the only models currently available that can be equipped with LAN adaptors and RJ45 connectors to run the latest DP5 Mobile software.

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