• New Glass Coated Well Plates by Chromatography Research Supplies


New Glass Coated Well Plates by Chromatography Research Supplies

Oct 05 2021

High-throughput, automated laboratory workflows demand the highest quality consumables to reduce instrument downtime and minimise the need for repeat analyses. CRS Pure-Pass Well Plates and Sealing Mats are designed and manufactured to stringent quality standards to minimise contaminants that can affect assay results. They conform to dimensional compliance with ANSI/SLAS to ensure compatibility with a wide range of automated equipment. CRS well plates are manufactured from a high clarity, high purity polypropylene copolymer with extremely low levels of volatiles and extractables that is molded in a cleanroom and lot tested. The result is clear with a low extractable profile in common solvents like methanol and acetonitrile.

Pure-Pass glass coated plates receive a glass barrier coating that is applied in an environmentally friendly process. The glass barrier eliminates sample contact with the polypropylene substrate and offers a cost-effective replacement for glass vial inserts. The barrier is resistant to solvents which do not swell polypropylene. The glass coating also offers a more hydrophilic surface compared to the polypropylene surface, and this altered wetting may significantly reduce adsorption losses for some types of hydrophobic analytes and biomolecules. For more information on our glass coating technology, visit our blog post “Alternatives to Glass Vials?”. Contact us to discuss your application needs and see how our plates stack up to popular competitors in the market; or perhaps you’ve heard enough and are ready to shop! We are stocked and ready to ship!

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