• Characterisation of Metallic Powders for Additive Manufacturing with Dynamic Image Analysis

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Characterisation of Metallic Powders for Additive Manufacturing with Dynamic Image Analysis

Aug 26 2023

Anton Paar recently launched the Litesizer DIA 500, a state-of-the-art dynamic image analyser. Litesizer DIA 500 can help users with a range of applications, including the characterising of metallic powders for additive manufacturing.

Dynamic image analysis

By using dynamic image analysis, the measuring technique behind the Litesizer DIA 500, users can directly measure without having to conduct statistical calculations based on physical parameters, giving them the possibility to detect even single outlier particles in their overall sample population.

Metal additive manufacturing

Metal additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing industry that offers a solution in areas where the production of complex parts from high-value materials in unique geometries is required.

A few examples are aerospace, medical, and the automotive industry. Most metal-based 3D printing technologies rely on metallic powders as a feedstock material. Since the quality of the used powder directly influences the quality of printed parts and printing speed, it is crucial to monitor its properties.

Application example: Characterisation of ultrasonically atomised magnesium

Ultrasonic atomisation is a liquid-to-solid process for the production of metallic powders. The Litesizer DIA 500 can analyse batches of atomised magnesium that are used in additive manufacturing. The instrument can measure and analyse the particle size and shape of these materials, leading to conclusions about the quality of the atomised magnesium for additive manufacturing.

In the report 'Metal powders for additive manufacturing: Characterization of ultrasonically atomized magnesium', completed in a cooperation between Anton Paar and AMAZEMET, comparison measurements are conducted on two different batches of atomised magnesium undergoing different gas purging processes during atomisation.

The results clearly showcase the importance of particle size distribution and shape. Dynamic image analysis is an excellent tool for quickly assessing the production quality of metallic powders manufactured as a feedstock for additive manufacturing processes as well as for finding optimal production parameters.

Find out more and download the report.

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