• Highly Accurate Viscosity Results with as Little as 100 µL of Sample

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Highly Accurate Viscosity Results with as Little as 100 µL of Sample

Jan 17 2023

Anton Paar’s Lovis rolling-ball viscometer, equipped with short capillaries, enables reliable and precise determination of dynamic viscosity for low-volume applications in, for example, the pharma, medical, and healthcare industries.

Lovis measures according to the established Höppler principle and therefore complies with methods 911 and 913 in the US Pharmacopeia as well as method 2.2.49 in the European Pharmacopeia, to ensure easy validation. Additionally, all necessary data integrity features required for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, like audit trails, electronic signature, and user identification, are included in the integrated software. Together with the optional qualification packages containing all relevant documents, this makes qualifying your instrument easier than ever before.

Lovis capillaries are available in both borosilicate glass and PCTFE, which extends the range of applications to corrosive and toxic substances. The hermetically closed design together with the small sample volume (100 µL) increases lab and operator safety by eliminating evaporation and contamination. It also allows sample recovery for further analysis after the viscosity measurement. Built-in Peltier thermostatting allows fast and stable temperature control over a wide temperature range (5°C to 100°C stand-alone, and down to -30°C with counter-cooling) for samples in the viscosity range from 0.3 mPa.s and 10,000 mPa.s, with an accuracy of up to 0.5 % and repeatability up to 0.1%.

Even more information can be delivered in combination with other Anton Paar instruments like the DMA density meter or Abbemat refractometer. The powerful polymer software automatically calculates intrinsic viscosity, K-value, molar mass, and other crucial parameters.

Whether for research or industry, Lovis 2000 M/ME gets a lot out of just a little sample.

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