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Aug 24 2006

DrySyn Classic, from Asynt, the first product launched from the DrySyn range of reaction blocks, has continued to go from strength to strength. Developed as a compact alternative to messy oil baths and expensive mantles, the DrySyn Classic has addressed key safety issues, significantly improving the working environment of chemistry labs throughout industry and academia. Furthermore, following customer demand Asynt have now developed the new DrySyn Classic High Pressure Reactor Adaptor, designed to work with commercially available, cylindrical high-pressure reactors.

The DrySyn Classic has proved highly competitive with oil bath technology as temperatures in excess of 200°C are easily achieved without the associated risk of hazardous spillages. Visibility of the reaction is improved and heat resistant handles allow easy and safe lifting from the heater/stirrer. Whilst oil baths can leave a messy film on the outside of reaction flasks, the DrySyn Classic leaves equipment clean and can be neatly stored away without risk of further spillages. As a cost-efficient alternative to mantles, the DrySyn Classic also avoids the risk of reaction contamination and with rapid set up times, provides one easyto-use laboratory solution.

Solid anodised aluminium construction allows for efficient temperature and magnetic transfer whilst ensuring durability for any laboratory environment. The DrySyn Classic base fits any standard hotplate or stirrer and the flexible inserts fit a range of reaction flask sizes from 50-1000ml, each with excellent fit for maximum energy efficiency. Flasks can be supported separately to the hotplate using a specially designed clamp for rapid removal of the heat source, if required.

Recently described as ?a great way to convert a standard laboratory stirring hotplate into a range of heated and stirred reaction blocks', the DrySyn family offers flexible and affordable solutions for the chemist and the DrySyn Classic is just one of many innovative products in Asynt's broad portfolio of laboratory products.

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