• Clean Room Labels able to Withstand the Harshest of Environments

Clean Room

Clean Room Labels able to Withstand the Harshest of Environments

Sep 20 2023

A cleanroom is a controlled environment to protect against dust and airborne microbes, typically used in manufacturing or scientific research for products such as electronic devices, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. It is essential that stringent protocols are adhered to for maintaining optimal cleanliness within a cleanroom environment - and labels play an important part in the identification and organisation to maximise efficiency. These labels can be used to identify and track information for products and samples and are ideal for data management in controlled environments.

There are many factors to be considered in the production of a cleanroom label, the construction must be able to withstand the environmental conditions within, such as exposure to products used commonly to minimise contamination like Acetone, IPA, Toluene, Xylene and DMSO to name a few. Resistance to chemicals and solvents is a key element to maintaining sample traceability. The integrity of the data on a label is critical to the handling and analysing of a sample, and without readable data, the sample is an unknown element and worthless, therefore the ability to survive in the harshest of environments is crucial.

The adhesive properties of the label are equally important, ensuring secure adhesion to a variety of surfaces such as plastic and glass, but remaining easily removable if necessary. “Cryo” polyester has a specially formulated adhesive that allows for long term bonding when used on plastic storage pots and tubes and can be directly immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196°C without risk of de-lamination.

Maintaining regulatory compliance is also essential to meet industry standards and safety requirements. It is crucial to choose cleanroom labels that meet these requirements and choose reputable suppliers, ensuring compliance and industry standards are met. Fine Cut Group are UL Authorised, which means the materials they use have been tested and pass the industry-wide safety standards set by UL. Their products can be purchased with the knowledge that they are verified and meet specific safety standards set by a third-party certification company. 

Fine Cut are also ISO 9001 quality certified – demonstrating high quality management standards and rigorous quality control processes. A continuous program of investment in the latest production technology and best practice processes, together with the quality standard’s continual improvement ethos, ensure every product is free of defects and of the highest quality.

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