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  • Precise, Uniform, Stable Thermal Management Systems for Your Microplate Applications

Precise, Uniform, Stable Thermal Management Systems for Your Microplate Applications

Jan 05 2021 Read 956 Times

Tired of erratic well-to-well temperature distortions and ineffective end results? Need a highly reliable thermal management system that provides constant stable temperature to all plate wells? MéCour provides excellent uniform temperature control for ELISA, endotoxin testing, cell-based and microsomal screening as well as enzymatic applications and sample/plate storage, to name a few.

MéCour Thermal Blocks and Thermal Inserts will meet your needs. Our systems can be utilised in a wide range of chemical, immunological and biological assays. The adaptable design is equally suited for applications both on the laboratory benchtop or for integration with automated, robotic, or HTS platforms. Our fluid-driven circulator systems provide constant reliable temperature control throughout the entire work flow process. All thermal plate units are compact, low profile in design and emit no heat signature. Now you can conduct sample preparation and control the process of cooling to fully freezing delicate samples with 0.1˚C temperature stability, without the need to manipulate assay plates or any other consumable. Thermal process can be reversed to provide a controlled thaw at whatever speed you require. Plate capacities range from 1 to 100+ and with a working temperature range from -80˚C to +250˚C, without compromising end results and sample integrity.

Plate configurations and capacities are per your specific requirements. All plate consumables utilise a MéCour Thermal Insert that accommodates the underside of all plate wells, eliminating the dead air gap and uniformly distributing temperature. “Edge effect” and well-to-well temperature distortion are eliminated. Assays requiring precise temperature maintenance, including thermal cycling, can be run using a MéCour Block without the need to manipulate assay plates, tubes or vessels. Sensitive reagents can be maintained at specific temperatures and reservoirs are easily accessible right at the workstation.

MéCour technology effectively removes temperature as a concern in assay precision by facilitating assay optimisation, qualification, and validation efforts. Simply provide your specifications, and we will produce a solution to meet your exact needs.

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