• What are the Latest Developments in Electrochemical Sensor Development? 

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What are the Latest Developments in Electrochemical Sensor Development? 

Aug 06 2021

Custom electrochemical sensor production and high volume manufacturing 

Reaching the market with an electrochemical sensor is now closer than ever. Metrohm DropSens produces custom electrochemical sensors with a scalable and cost-effective manufacturing process with no quantity limits. An idea, an application or initial research can be turned into a first-class, certified and market-ready solution that meets individual requirements, regardless of the sector or concrete needs.

What can Metrohm DropSens provide?

Metrohm DropSens' ability to design and manufacture customised, high-volume electrochemical solutions creates great opportunities for the development of sensors and biosensors on small sensor strips. Many potential projects and research will be able to broaden their horizons thanks to professional manufacturing that guarantees cost-effective production, the highest levels of product quality and stability, as well as a delivery capability without risk of stock-outs.

Thanks to the customisability of these sensors, multiple modifications and options are possible such as spatial distribution, shape, area, substrate or the use of a wide range of materials. This versatility allows the sensor to be adapted to applications from multiple markets and sectors to measure a wide range of parameters. These include human health, pollution, food and beverage information, environmental analysis, water contamination, illicit drug detection, viruses, agriculture and animal husbandry, to mention as a few.

Custom production and high volume manufacturing of electrochemical sensors can be the right way to reach the market, respond to new analytical paradigms and achieve powerful and accurate results, which many sectors and industries are looking for. From small-scale prototyping to large-scale sensor production, Metrohm DropSens offers support throughout the entire process: initial conceptualisation, in-depth prototype design and results with the highest quality standards, always accompanied by a global, reliable and expert service.

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