• Digitalise Your Weighing Processes for Precision Results
    When you pair your XPR Balance with LabX Software, you can automate and accelerate weighing processes in the lab while ensuring that quality, safety, traceability and integrity requirements are met.
  • Trust on the winning team of XPR Balances with LabX software to ensure accurate results, full traceability and data integrity
  • Whatever your weighing application, particle sie analysis with sieve weighing on a precision balance, preparation of standard solutions for chromatographic analysis on an automatic balance, or filter weighing on a microbalance, the winning team of XPR Balance and LabX Software automates your tedious weighing tasks, increases throughput, and reduces cost per sample.

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Digitalise Your Weighing Processes for Precision Results

Sep 23 2021

A Winning Team: XPR Laboratory Balances and LabXTM Software

Mettler-Toledo’s XPR balances and the innovative LabX™ Software are a great team to digitalise your weighing processes and ensures accurate results, full traceability and data integrity.

LabX™ Balance software integrates fully with laboratory information systems, such as LIMS and chromatography software, and enables a seamless flow of data throughout the entire analysis workflow. LabX™ sends your weighing results directly to where the weight values are required for subsequent analyses and ensures traceability back to the starting point.

LabX is now available in version 12, additionally supporting the recently launched new XPR Automatic Balance.

Automate your tedious weighing tasks, such as sample and standard preparations, increase throughput and reduce cost per sample.

Start your digital task with the XPR Balance

LabX™ Balance software guides you through SOP workflows on all connected XPR Balances, including the XPR Automatic Balance, to ensure every operator follows the same procedures. It allows you to easily tailor each method to your requirements.

Minimise mistakes and calculation errors - let LabX perform all calculations automatically and immediately receive confirmation that your results meet the specified process tolerances.

Design weighing methods and access them with just one click. User guidance on the balance display is intuitive, reducing time-consuming user training to a minimum.

Automatic documentation and comprehensive reporting

All weighing data, including metadata, is automatically stored in a centralised database at the time of creation. Installing LabX™ in your laboratory reduces the time necessary for manual data recording and eliminates the risk of transcription errors.

With LabX™ Balance software, you’ll be audit-ready anytime: Access your data 24/7, from anywhere, and generate customised reports tailored to your needs. The software helps you meet FDA ALCOA+ requirements for data integrity.

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