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  • Versatile Particle Analysis Solutions for Food Industry Applications
    Microtrac offers innovative solutions for virtually all applications in the food industry.

Versatile Particle Analysis Solutions for Food Industry Applications

Mar 04 2021 Read 279 Times

The materials to be analysed in the food sector are more diverse in terms of their physical properties and size ranges than in most other industries. Particularly challenging is the fact that many samples are difficult to handle due to oil content, poor flowability, inhomogeneity and water solubility. Microtrac offers innovative solutions for virtually all applications in the food industry with instruments that work either according to the principle of Laser Diffraction, Dynamic Image Analysis, or both.

For materials in the micrometre to millimetre range, dynamic image analysis is especially suitable. Wet and dry measurements are possible, but mostly dry powders and granules are analysed. The instruments of the CAMSIZER series record up to 300 images per second which are evaluated in real time. By analysing particle images, the shape is also determined. Powerful dispersion units allow the measurement of highly agglomerated powders. Using a CAMSIZER in the quality control laboratory can make tedious sieve analysis obsolete. Typical applications of Dynamic Image Analysis are: coffee powder, nuts (whole and chopped), spices, tea, spray-dried granulates, crystalline sugar and salt, and many more.

Laser diffraction with the SYNC analyser is a versatile method with a wide measuring range from a few nanometres to the lower millimetre range. Samples are usually measured in a suitable dispersing liquid (water, alcohol, non-polar solvents, or vegetable oil), but dry measurements of powder samples are also possible. A special benefit of the SYNC is the built-in camera that increases sensitivity for oversize particles and allows simultaneous particle shape analysis. This would not be accessible by laser diffraction alone. Typical applications of the SYNC analyser in the food industry are: milk and dairy products, emulsions, food supplements, excipients and additives, as well as chocolate.

Both methods are characterised by simple operation and are suitable for routine measurements with high sample throughput and low maintenance.

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