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  • Instrumental analyses for everyone with our MQuant<sup>®</sup> StripScan App

Instrumental analyses for everyone with our MQuant® StripScan App

Apr 03 2019 Read 516 Times

iPhone app for digital pH and nitrate test strip readout

Just because you sometimes need quick and easy testing, that doesn't mean you should compromise on accuracy and reproducibility. The simplest way to determine pH or chemical concentrations in aqueous solutions is with our easy-to-use MQuant® StripScan analytical detection system-for consistent analysis of water, food, and beverage samples.

For reliable and consistent test strip results: don’t guess, measure

The new Merck iPhone app, MQuant® StripScan, takes test strip analyses to the next level. The intuitive digital test strip reader does all the work. It guides you through the analysis, takes the measurement, and displays exact results in seconds. The best part: The app can be downloaded for free on the App Store®.

The system consists of three core components: the free MQuant® StripScan app, MQuant® test strips, and the new MQuant® StripScan Reference Cards. These credit card-sized color standards allow accurate and reproducible results at the high quality that we are known for.

Using the free MQuant® StripScan App is simple:

  • Dip test strip into sample and place on reference card
  • Choose your parameter on the MQuant® StripScan app
  • The app automatically acquires a photo of your test strip on the reference card
  • Results are displayed instantly on your screen

For further information please click here.

You test. StripScan does the rest.

The new analytical system allows an automated, non-biased analysis of chemical parameters on the spot. Thanks to digital measurement and documentation, it eliminates errors. Data recording and management are now more convenient than ever before.

On our browser-based StripScan web platform, you can find access to a host of advanced data management, export, and share options. StripScan web is free and available here.

Turn your smartphone into a mobile lab

It’s time to say goodbye to pen and paper. Download the free app today to discover the future of chemical analysis with our MQuant® StripScan system.

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