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IRTracer-100: It's a matter of specs

Apr 06 2021

Shimadzu's IRTracer-100 analyses materials quickly and easily in a variety of fields such as pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals and electronics, and monitors high speed reactions within a few seconds.

The easy-to-operate system features highly sensitivity, resolution and scan speed with expandability and easy maintenance. IRTracer-100 can quickly and easily obtain high quality data of small samples through 1.5-times and high speed scanning of 20 spectra/sec.

IRTracer-100 achieves 60,000:1 SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) with improved interferometer and detector, and high speed reaction monitoring function for these demands. Combining with the LabSolutions IR Contaminant analysis program makes analysis of small samples easier, quicker and more accurate. LabSolutions IR on IRTracer-100 can be connected to Network system with LabSolutions software for LC/GC, and unifies management of obtained data and users to access the systems for pharmaceuticals demands.

Features in detail

  • Analysis by High Sensitivity 60,000:1 SNR
  • IRTracer-100 can quickly and easily obtain high quality data of small samples from 1mm to 10µm. LabSolutions IR analysis program achieves results within a few seconds – compared to one hour du-ration using conventional means. IRTracer-100 also obtains high quality spectra of ppm-order additives and identifies them easily.
  • High Speed Reaction Monitoring by High Speed Scanning
  • Shimadzu’s predecessor model IRPrestige-21 recorded spectra every 5 seconds, but the IRTracer-100 can obtain 20 spectra in a second in rapid scan mode (option). IRTracer-100 precisely monitors high-speed reactions such as curing of UV curable resin.
  • High Performance LabSolutions IR software

LabSolutions IR on IRTracer-100 enables connection to other labor-atory hardware, for example LC and GC systems, and unifies man-agement of obtained data. The number of spectra in standard IR li-braries has been expanded from 1,000 to 12,000, and identification of unknown samples can be done with the standard system. The unique Easy Macro program supports easy-to-use operation – even by less-experienced operators.

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