• The award-winning UHPLC system designed to support remote workstyle

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The award-winning UHPLC system designed to support remote workstyle

Nov 17 2021

Shimadzu Advanced i-Series UHPLC has recently won an award for the impact the technology has on a “new normal” flexible workstyle.

When the pandemic hit, impacting both personal and work lives, many countries were placed under lock-down causing the slow down of the economy; the emphasis on science, research and innovation accelerated. Research laboratories needed to evolve to continue to function but, needed to operate with limited staff to minimise the chance of spreading infection.

The Advanced i-Series was developed to support analytical laboratories around the world by providing intelligent instrumentation with better automation, remote access, and analytical intelligence. It is the first UHPLC series designed to support remote workstyle, keeping the safety of scientists, researchers and laboratory staff at the heart of its design.

The i-Series boasts increased pressure resistance and applies analytical intelligence (AI) automated features to support remote work, such as real-time remote mobile phase monitoring (1 L-5 L bottles), auto-diagnostics and auto-recovery functions, i-PeakFinder for automatic peak integration and many other beneficial features.

Operators can set the i-Series to start up at a specified time, so that it can complete auto-purge, equilibration, baseline checks and system suitability in advance automatically. The smart FlowPilot ramps up the flow rate gradually, reducing the possibility of pressure shock, and allowing the column oven to reach a desired temperature. This minimises the risk of damaging the column that could over time affect the data quality, and, therefore, supporting the acquisition of high quality, reproducible data at all times.

Furthermore, AI now allows the system to continually monitor and diagnose itself, where the system can handle any issues during data acquisition without user input, and automatically behave as if it was operated by an expert.

The new i-Series UHPLC system allows for remote system operation and monitoring via web browser or a smart device. Users can now implement methods, set batch analysis, analyse results and create reports without being in front of the instrumentation!

The integrated i-Series UHPLC systems address the demands of a range of users, locations and approaches to analysis while always delivering highly reliable analytical results. The Advanced i-Series is designed for analysing a large number of samples and quickly re-processing data even when working from home. All these features were designed with analysts in mind to help with changing and adapting workflows.

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