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Open your eyes to the colours of science!

Oct 05 2021

Starlab brings colour into your lab - and the city! 

With award-winning branding and innovative packaging, Starlab has fast become recognised for bringing some much-needed colour into the lab. Building on this colourful reputation, Starlab launched a very special campaign - "Colours of Science" to celebrate World Laboratory Day this year.

For the campaign, a 2.10 x 1.70-meter painting was created by Moritz Etorena, a Hamburg-based artist, which showcases portraits of lab technicians from around the world. The idea behind the bright and bold artwork was to celebrate scientists around the globe and raise awareness for how exciting, colourful, and interesting the field of science is.

But Starlab did not stop there. The shortage of skilled staff in laboratories is a problem that has long been a concern. There would be no vaccine developments without the milestones of research and laboratory work; no medical and scientific progress without the work between pipettes and test tubes. According to a recent survey Starlab has conducted, young people associate working in the lab with monotony and tedium. This is seen as a major obstacle in attracting future generations of scientists to join the industry.

To address this matter and show how exciting and intriguing the lab work is Starlab launched an urban campaign, displaying bold posters around the streets of Hamburg to draw greater attention to the laboratory as a workplace. They want to make laboratory professions more attractive to the next generation. Starlab believes that can be achieved with their social media and podcast platforms discussing how exciting and important lab work is, and how much fun the world of science offers to young people. They want to show that lab work is not all white or boring - it's colourful, vibrant and intriguing. Most importantly, it helps all of us to build a better and greener future.

As a liquid handling expert, Starlab acts to support science and lab workers. Their next step will be to further present the artwork and keep highlighting the world of science to the young generations with their bold posters. Each poster presents a portrait of the scientist and raises the question “and what exactly do you do?”. People can scan a QR code on each poster and find out the story behind the project and answers to any questions they may have. Additionally, the Starlab Deep Dive podcast hosts the bright minds featured in this artwork, asking them why they chose life sciences as a career path, and what tips and tricks they may have for the future scientists. 

Open your eyes and see the beautiful colours of science around us!

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