• Optimising Seed Oil Yield by In-process Testing
    The MQC+ oilseed analyser.

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Optimising Seed Oil Yield by In-process Testing

May 04 2021

In a new article, Oxford Instruments highlight both the cost and time savings using the MQC+ oilseed analyser for optimising seed oil yield instead of Soxhlet extraction or other methods. This is monitored by measuring the oil content of the incoming oilseed and comparing it with the oil content of the residues after pressing and after solvent extraction.

The MQC+ oilseed analyser accurately measures the oil and water content of both oilseeds and their residues according to ISO 10565 and ISO 10632 standard methods respectively. The NMR measurement is based on a simple and intuitive linear calibration that is unaffected by granularity, colour, or the origin of the seeds or residue. Therefore, any decisions based on the oil content measurement, whether determining crop value or optimising the crushing process, can be taken with confidence.

The MQC+ oilseed analyser requires calibration using a minimum of three samples; a global calibration based on 100s of samples is not required, so additional costs for calibration maintenance are also avoided. After the initial calibration, stable synthetic samples are used to recreate the calibration in the long term.

The MQC+ software is designed with ergonomics in mind, such that samples may be repeatedly weighed then analysed without needing to use the keyboard and mouse. The sample is poured into a tared tube, automatically weighed on an external balance then placed in the instrument and analysed. The measurement takes just 16 seconds for the ISO methods. It takes only 2-3 minutes to prepare and analyse each oilseed or residue sample, therefore the MQC+ can analyse in excess of 250 oilseed samples per day as would be required during the harvest season.

To read the full article, visit the website.

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