• Extended Capability and Power for High-Resolution Mass Spectrometers Announced

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Extended Capability and Power for High-Resolution Mass Spectrometers Announced

Jun 25 2020

Waters Corporation has announced a new fragmentation technique and an imaging option for its high-resolution mass spectrometers giving research scientists working across a broad range of end markets including biomedical, biopharmaceutical and food research, greater experimental freedom to explore the intricacies of peptides, proteins, and protein complexes.

“This is a time for science to step up and show what it can do for humanity,” said James Langridge, PhD, Senior Director, Advanced Mass Spectrometry, Waters Corporation. “Understanding the biology of disease and discovering new treatments requires us to continue innovating new and powerful capabilities for mass spectrometry so that scientists can accurately and confidently answer their scientific questions.”

For its high-performance  SELECT SERIES™ Cyclic™ IMS System, Waters will offer scientists the ability to probe the structure of proteins, peptides, glycans and other biomolecules with Electron Capture Dissociation (ECD), a fragmentation technique made available through a partnership with e-MSion, Inc.

ECD combined with ion mobility mass spectrometry and Collision Induced Dissociation (CID) available with the Cyclic IMS System, gives scientists improved sequence coverage for native proteins and surrogate peptides and additional structural information about larger proteins that might not have been possible before.

For the first time, the new Desorption Electrospray Ionization DESI XS source is available on the Waters SELECT SERIES Cyclic IMS, SYNAPT™ XS, and Xevo™ G2-XS QTof Mass Spectrometers. Waters acquired the rights to DESI™ IP from Prosolia, Inc. and the Purdue Research Foundation in 2018, making Waters the exclusive provider of this technology. The new Waters DESI XS source retains the performance of the original version and features enhanced reliability and user experience, making high quality MS imaging accessible to a broader range of scientists.

The ECD and DESI XS options for the SELECT SERIES Cyclic IMS System will ship in the fourth quarter of this year. Existing Waters Cyclic IMS customers will also be able to add these new options to their instruments at the same time. DESI XS is now available to ship with new Xevo G2-XS QTof and SYNAPT XS Systems. It is also available as an upgrade option for previously installed Xevo G2-XS QTof and SYNAPT XS systems.

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