• Online 2D-LC System Characterises Complex Samples
    The Thermo Scientific Vanquish Online 2D-Liquid Chromatography (LC) System.

Online 2D-LC System Characterises Complex Samples

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The Thermo Scientific Vanquish Online 2D-LC system leverages the performance and ease of use of the innovative Vanquish technology, while offering maximum application flexibility and versatility for multi-dimensional liquid chromatography. The platform delivers confident peak identification and purity analysis for even the most difficult to separate analytes, for example, structural isomers. Laboratories in fields such as pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical R&D, food safety, environmental testing, omics and polymer analysis can take advantage of the flexibility of the Vanquish Online 2D-LC system, combining the confidence of 2D-LC and productivity boost of Dual LC in one system, while not requiring dedicated 2D-LC instrumentation.

Integrating the online 2D-LC system with complimentary LC assays enables improved sample throughput while increasing confidence in results. The Vanquish Online 2D-LC system presents an easy upgrade from existing single channel standard Vanquish HPLC or UHPLC systems, without the need for dedicated equipment for each analysis type. Automated and complete workflows accelerate sample analysis time, maximise sample integrity, and improve confidence in the results. 

Vanquish Dual split sampler technology allows users to switch between instrument usage without manual replumbing, utilising as a 2D-LC system for increased confidence or a Dual LC for increased productivity. The 2D-pump and T-piece offers improved resolution power in the second dimension and reduced resources (bench space and instrumentation). The 2D-LC kit with valves and Viper Fingertight Fitting Systems provides an easy, tool-free fluidic connection and facilitates optimum chromatographic performance while enabling user-friendly installation and operation of the advanced multi-dimensional liquid chromatography methods.

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