• Taking Density Measurement to The Next Level
    Anton Paar has launched the Next-Level Density Meter.

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Taking Density Measurement to The Next Level

Jan 22 2022

The global market leader in density measurement, Anton Paar, has launched the Next-Level Density Meter. Delivering four-digit density measurements in 20 seconds, it is the fastest, most accurate density meter in the world.

Three models (DMA 4101/4501/5001) are available, covering a four-digit, five-digit, and six-digit accuracy range. Measurement results are ready before temperature equilibrium is reached, cutting out additional operator waiting time. The instrument’s reliable FillingCheck™ and zoomable U-View™ can quickly detect micro-bubbles or other sample contaminations in real-time.

The new density meters support a wide range of automation options (e.g., the Xsample series), including automatic temperature control and cleaning cycles. These automation options prevent filling issues related to manual operation. Super-high efficiency and throughput come with ultrafast measurement mode.

Anton Paar’s patented Pulsed Excitation Method (PEM) - the beating heart of the instrument - takes digital density measurement to the next level of accuracy. The density meter’s viscosity correction feature ensures highly accurate measurements over the entire measuring range, including for highly viscous and highly dense samples. The digital density meter’s technology is groundbreaking. With its premium software and hardware, clear and glove-friendly 10.1” touchscreen, and market-pioneering filling control, it is ideally suited for testing in beverage, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical industries, as well as in flavour and fragrance production.

The density meters can be used with various data interfaces. They can also be linked to AP Connect, Anton Paar’s lab execution software - a stepping stone to the paperless lab of the future.

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