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  • How COVID-19 Affected the Freeze -Drying Industry and What Was Learned
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How COVID-19 Affected the Freeze -Drying Industry and What Was Learned

Apr 08 2021 Read 15 Times

2020 was a challenging year in the field of freeze drying/lyophilisation due to the sharp increase in demand and timelines required to get products to market. This was especially prevalent across the diagnostic and pharmaceutical, vaccine, antibody, and blood product sectors. Looking back on such a paradigm shifting year to gauge how the challenges were met and was has been learned allows understanding of the vital role freeze drying processing has played, how a limited cold chain affects getting products to climate sensitive regions, and how outsourcing lyo research and developmentR&D in lyo andfor tackling the freeze-drying process efficiency and dynamically has played such a fundamental part in successfully getting products to end users safer and faster than ever before.

The process of freeze -drying is used for many applications including pharmaceuticals, biologics, food processing, and , nutraceuticals., pharmaceuticals, and environmental services. It became apparent early in the pandemic, by the organisations who threw everything into diagnostics and vaccine research and development, that the importance of freeze -drying methods on a large scale, would be integral to vaccine product storage and distribution. [MC1] 

Lyophilization Lyophilisation hasmethods have been used extensively during the COVID-19 pandemic including in the research and development stage of covid specific vaccines and production of IVD Tests (In-Vitro Diagnostic) tests and in the production of the vaccines [MC2] themselves. [CH3] The difficulties faced by organisations involved in developing these vital resources, centred around the sheer volume, increased demand for products and the time taken to deliver them to market.

In 2020, we saw a significant demand for design and manufacturing of products that havefor diagnostic applications, which later evolved in the second half of the year to focus more also on the large-scale productionresearch and development of potential COVID-19 vaccine candidatess for global distribution. Read the full article to discover how Biopharma Group adapted to offer effective solutions for both diagnostic and pharmaceutical products.

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